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Cogmation Fills the Simulation Gap
Software from Cogmation Robotics complements existing development toolsets from Microsoft, National Instruments, and others, providing much needed support for easy, dynamic 3D simulations of robotics systems.
By Laura DiDio

Cogmation Robotics has carved out a strong, sustainable niche during the past two years as one of the few suppliers of 3D robotics simulation software. Now the company is solidifying its stake in the simulation test market with a slew of new offerings and an appeal to student developers.
Cogmation, a five year-old, privately held firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was founded on the premise of bringing real-world applications to technical and nontechnical customers alike””from engineering companies to gaming aficionados. All of the members of the company have strong ties to the robotics industry and to the nearby University of Manitoba Department of Computer Science, which company executives believe gives them an aggressive edge and a forward-thinking perspective on technology.

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