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Florida’s NCSA Invests Millions In Robotic Surgery Training and Latency Research
The center’s partnership with Mimic Technologies tests the value of robotic surgery simulation while stimulating the local economy
By Casey Nobile

n 2011, the Nicholson Center invested $54 million in building the nation’s largest and most comprehensive medical education center of its kind: The Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement (NCSA). Last October, the facility’s doors opened onto six da Vinci robots, 40 endoscopic surgical stations, an innovation and technology accelerator and a medical simulation center.

Back then, the NCSA expected to train 20,000 surgeons per year in minimally invasive techniques (it previously trained up to 8,100 doctors per year). Additionally, the area businesses that benefit from a steady stream of visiting surgeons, including hotels and restaurants, were anticipated to experience at least $13 million in annual growth as a result of the center’s increased capacity.

Now the simulation center has become the centerpiece of government sanctioned research into telesurgery, which should cause those numbers to double in the near future.

On July 5th, the NCSA announced a strategic partnership with Mimic Technologies, a Seattle-based robotic surgery simulation developer. The companies will collaborate on a set curriculum for training surgeons on how to operate using robotic surgical equipment.

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Casey Nobile is Manager of EH Publishing’s Robotics Division, including Robotics Business Review, Robotics Trends, RoboBusiness and the Robotics Marketplace at CES. She is passionate about developing connections between robotics technologies and the corporate world. Nobile has a master’s degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College.

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