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From Robot Design to Robot…in Hours!
Build your own robot from scratch using common, readily available materials
By John Edwards

With $10 million in National Science Foundation (NSF) funding, the researchers are joining forces to make building your own robot almost as easy as printing a grant request.

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About the author

John Edwards is one of the technology revolution's most prolific and widely published writers. A tech journalism pioneer, John launched his career in the 1970s As the budding microcomputer industry gained momentum, John became a regular contributor to the first generation of home and business computer magazines, including onComputing, Popular Computing, Kilobaud and Interface Age. He was also an early contributing editor to both PC Week and MacWeek.

Today, John continues writing in multiple technology areas, including telecommunications, virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, radiolocation, robotics, semiconductors and cutting-edge laboratory research. His work appears in Computerworld, RFID Journal, Electronic Design, IEEE Signal Processing, Robotics Trends, Robotics Business Review and a variety of other publications.

He also contributes content to publications and websites sponsored by AT&T, Oracle, Cisco, Dell, IBM and others. John maintains top-level contacts with technology leaders at corporate, government and academic enterprises. Over the years, John has interviewed scores of technology pioneers, including Gordon Bell, Steve Wozniak, Michael Dell and several Nobel Prize winners.

For better or worse (mostly worse) John has been a New York Mets fan since the team's inception in 1962.

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