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Future Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost
EU researchers develop flexible learning system that allows factory robots to be easily trained by co-workers via an iPad app and simple gestures.
By Emmet Cole

The factory of the future is one in which humans and robots work in close proximity to each other. It’s also one in which the robots can easily be trained to perform new tasks by their human co-workers.

Unlike traditional industrial robots, which need to be fenced off, are limited in functionality, and often take legions of coders and roboticists to maintain, the factory bots of the future are safe to roam the factory floor, come with an easily-adaptable general intelligence that makes them functionally flexible, and, crucially, will be within the financial reach of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs).

European researchers involved in the STAMINA (Sustainable and Reliable Robotics…

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About the author

Emmet Cole has been writing about robots since 2006. Formerly Wired UK's robotics expert, Emmet's bylines include Wired News, The Economist, BBC Future, and Robotics Trends. He is particularly interested in commercialization of research and in the ethical, legal, and regulatory implications of emerging robotic and cyborg technology. Twitter: @emmetcole

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