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Never Too Early for Grass: Bosch Debuts Lawnmower for 2013
Bosch Indego
Logicut navigation system and speed best rival mowers
By RBR Staff

Technology never stops advancing, no matter whether it’s the latest plasma flat screen TV or the garden lawnmower market – it’s constantly changing. Trying to keep up to date with the big players in each field becomes harder and harder every year; that’s why very few brands manage to follow the trend.

Honda and Bosch are just two of the huge names to venture into the robotic lawnmower field; with both of their models anticipated to be available from early 2013. Both brands are often recognized for different things; Bosch power tools and Honda for cars; however, both manufacturers are backing their latest products to no end.

The Bosch MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) lawnmower is installed with a chip that includes the smallest mechanical elements in its electronic logic which makes it much more versatile in application.

The Indego robotic lawnmower is destined to meet the demand for people who want a perfect garden without effort. The ‘Logicut’ navigation system built into the mower uses a variety of sensors that helps it detect boundaries, areas that have already been cut and any obstacles that it comes up against. So far it appears to be more advanced than other competition in the sector, boasting speeds up to two-thirds faster than rivals.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager at Toolbox commented: “I already have robotic vacuums that do a good job all-round the house while I’m at work, so it’s a logical stepping stone to try out a robotic lawnmower when they become available. It just makes so much sense nowadays; people are continually busy with their family, job and other things in their lives that the simple things often get pushed aside. If you can have an automated piece of equipment do the jobs that you don’t have time for… it makes perfect sense.

“Life is short enough as it is, people want to spend time doing things they enjoy – that’s why inventions like this will be a huge success in the future when the technology falls within the average Joe’s price range!”

“Hopefully, as soon as these robotic lawnmowers hit the market (early 2013), we will be stocking them on Toolbox for people to buy. I’ll definitely be the first one on the waiting list!”

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