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New Kyodo LawnBott Mower for 2013
lb75 lawnbott
New Kyodo LawnBott LB75 for 2013
Originally developed in Italy, now the leading robotic mower in Europe
By RBR Staff

Kyodo America Industries Co., Ltd, makers of the LawnBott line of robotic mowers, announced its newest LawnBott dealer.

LawnBott is a line of robotic mowers that can maintain yards from 5,000 sq. ft. to well over an acre. Using lithium-ion batteries, LawnBott’s are a non-polluting alternative to typical gas powered mower. Many models are fully automatic and feature self-recharging, so that a homeowner can enjoy a well-trimmed yard, without the hard work typically associated with yard maintenance.

LawnBott of Greater Louisville provides LawnBott robotic mowers to homeowners in the area as well as installation and support to customers.

Joby Schubert and Carol Whetzel, co-owners of LawnBott of Greater Louisville, recently visited Kyodo America’s offices in Atlanta, GA. USA for dealer training for the entire LawnBott line.

“LawnBotts will completely change the way we cut grass, because now you don’t have to,” said Mr. Schubert, “and you can maintain your lawn in an environmentally friendly way.”

Kyodo America Industries, Co., LTD, is an Atlanta, GA based manufacturer of lawn and garden products and the LawnBott robotic mowers. LawnBott’s were originally developed in Italy and are the leading robotic mower in Europe.

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