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Robotics Trends Professional Network
Robotics Trends Professional Group
Congratulations and thank you on our first anniversary
By Richard Erb

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Richard Erb

Hello colleagues and friends.

We’ve grown fast…and are still growing!

The Robotics Trends Professional Network just surpassed 750-plus members—and we’re quickly on our way to one thousand.  Awesome!  It has taken a little over a year for us to accomplish this feat, so take another bow on our network’s first anniversary together.  I’m personally thrilled at how fast we’ve come together.

We hail from diverse cultures from over twenty-two different countries, yet we gather here in a single place for a singular purpose: robotics.

Robotics Business Review

Please continue to submit great content, commentary, information, exchange of ideas, job openings or even a quick note just to catch us all up and share what’s happening in your part of the robotics domain. 

Most of all, thank you for giving of yourself in support of the advancement of our robotics community.

As an anniversary present, please sign up to enter for a chance to win a free membership to Robotics Business Review, the must-have resource to the world of robotics.  It’s easy, just fill in the form below.

Once again, my very special thanks to everyone for being part of this exciting and growing global community.

Best regards,

Richard Erb
General Manager, Robotics Trends

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