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The Man Behind the Meeting: Richard Erb
An expansive vision for an ever-expanding event: RoboBusiness
By RBR Staff

Richard Erb

The man behind the RoboBusiness brand

He calls it a conference and that’s what it says on the catalog cover, but it’s more like a gathering point where thought leaders come to network, partner, and debate challenges and opportunities in the field of robotics and automation technologies. And that’s how he likes it: a jammed-packed hybrid of everything you’ll encounter out there in the robotics industry and then some.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), General Manager and of Robotics Trends, is the impresario behind every finely orchestrated moment of his annual epic: The RoboBusiness Leadership Summit. Although ongoing for nearly eight-years running, Erb has helmed RoboBusiness only since 2011 when it was held in Boston; now doubling in size for Pittsburgh 2012 and slated for more growth for its 2013 debut in Silicon Valley.

“I love my job. RoboBusiness is a unique event as it brings the brightest minds in academia, research, science, engineering, robotics, government, industry, service, investment, and media together to discuss and debate growth opportunities and challenges.”

Getting attendees ready for 2013 in October of 2012


“As a technology and as an industry, robotics is readying to explode,” he says, “but there are very few, if any, broad-based yet high-octane events like RoboBusiness to bring the community together.

A single event over a very doable three days that packs together all the critical elements for technology and business practice that drive to the core of robotics, that’s RoboBusiness.”

The 2012 catalog of sessions, which he begins crafting each February, bear out his diligence and intensity at building the three-day program.

Together with RoboBusiness Chairman, Dan Kara and VP of Events, John Galante, eight months of hard work go into planning the agenda, building a sponsorship base, planning for speakers, presenters and panelists, and shaping it all into a blockbuster event for attendees. 

RoboBusiness 2012 is 44 sessions covering over 40 hours with offerings on applications, business development, and technology and product development, all delivered by a hand-picked cadre of 11 keynoters and 48 session speakers and panelists, the best and the brightest that academia and the robotics industry have to offer.

Face time, networking and a sponsor product showcase

And it’s not all brain work. Relationship building, getting face time with industry and academic heavyweights, networking with colleagues and international peers—and having fun—Erb purposefully designs into every day’s activities.

Check out the RoboBusiness Catalog for events, session details—and fun. Sign up today!

Take advantage of the Director’s Special $300 discount, which makes each session just over $30 bucks each. A super value advantage for a truly priceless event: RoboBusiness 2012.

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