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Unilever Solves and Saves with Compact Robot Palletizer
custom palletizer
Moving and sorting difficult product packs between conveyor system and pallets
By RBR Staff

Unilever Bestfoods approached Linkx to provide automatic palletizing for random packs of cook-in sauces from three adjacent product lines.

For this application, Linkx reused an existing robot that Unilever no longer needed to devise a compact system that is designed to do the work of three conventional palletisers.

Linkx implemented the palletizing system in conjunction with Alpha Chase Engineering, a specialist supplier of conveying systems.

Key benefits of product application

  • The new palletizer deploys an industrial robot that picks up packs in random sequence from any of three production lines and accurately places each pack on the appropriate pallet.
  • The robot’s flexibility enables it to cope with the variety of pack sizes and pallet patterns required at the plant.
  • According to Jon Skinner from Unilever Bestfoods, the installation and commissioning of the robot palletizer went very smoothly and the system is now fully operational.
  • He added that it is proving to be very efficient and reliable and is providing the company with significant cost savings.
  • The palletizer produces pallets with completely consistent product stacking, which makes them easier to handle in the automated warehouse, said Skinner.

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