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 Game Changer Awards
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The Robotics Business Review Game Changer Awards honor the robotics industry's remarkable technical accomplishments and their makers.
Winners will be announced September 23, 2015 at RoboBusiness.
View the 2015 Game Changer Award entries below.

2015 Game Changers
Soft Robotics Raises $5M for Flexible Fingers
Soft Robotics Inc. spun out of Harvard University surgical research and provides end effectors for handling varied, fragile items.
More about Soft Robotics Raises $5M for Flexible Fingers.

Autonomous Navigation
Lynx® AIV with Acuity
Unlike traditional AGVs, Lynx mobile robots require no facility modifications to function. In addition to state-of-the-art LIDAR navigation, Lynx robots can now be equipped with Acuity, the most advanced navigation tactic to ensure that your mobile robot can get from point A to point B without getting lost.
More about Lynx® AIV with Acuity.

Construction, Mining, Energy
CISBOT - Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot
In four of the world's most notable cities, CISBOT, the cast iron joint sealing robot, is currently operating underground to reduce methane emissions. CISBOT, a game-changing, innovative robotic system, uses trenchless technology to enter live gas mains and repair pipelines - revolutionizing how gas utilities stop and prevent gas leaks.
More about CISBOT - Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot.

Savioke Relay Autonomous Delivery Robot
Savioke’s Relay is an autonomous delivery robot for the hospitality and service industries. Relay is an autonomous wheeled platform with sensors for navigating hotel floors and elevators, and delivering items to hotel guests. It integrates with the hotel’s phone system, alerting guests when Relay has arrived at the guest room.
More about Savioke Relay Autonomous Delivery Robot.

iRobot Create 2 Mobile Robot Platform
iRobot Create 2 is a mobile robot platform designed for use by educators, developers and students. Users can program the robot, build their own projects or start with iRobot’s sample projects provided online. Create 2 is ready to go, right out of the box.
More about iRobot Create 2 Mobile Robot Platform.

Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot
Rethink Robotics has pioneered the category of collaborative robotics with Baxter, the only industrial robot safe and versatile enough to be used in education, yet smart and flexible enough to succeed on the manufacturing floor. Baxter is a revolutionary manufacturing and educational platform, helping raise the standard of student learning.
More about Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot.

Soft Robotics Soft Adaptive Gripper
Soft Robotics is leveraging our novel robotic technology to safely and adaptively interface with a wide range of objects from consumer packaged goods to fresh cut produce. We do this in a way that brings new capabilities to this market, while lowering system complexity and overall systems cost.
More about Soft Robotics Soft Adaptive Gripper.

Industrial Productivity
Aethon Industrial TUG
The Industrial TUG from Aethon transports and delivers materials in manufacturing environments. It reduces labor and supports lean manufacturing processes. As a collaborative robot, it is able to deliver to the point of use. The TUG links previously unconnected islands of automation to streamline total production processes.
More about Aethon Industrial TUG.

Industrial Productivity
OTTO is a self driving vehicle for large material transport. The system has a payload capacity of 1500 kg, includes obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, and is designed to work safely around people. OTTO is infrastructure free - implementation is hassle-free, flexible and scalable.
More about OTTO.

Industrial Productivity
Fetch and Freight
Fetch Robotics has a complete robotic system for the logistics industry. Designed for advancing warehouse fulfillment, Fetch selects the items from a shelf, while Freight provides quick transit. The human-scale robots are capable of autonomous behavior and can prepare items for shipment. Both robots can work alongside humans
More about Fetch and Freight.

Machine Vision Solution
ViDi Suite Deep Learning Software
ViDi offers the first ready-to-use Deep Learning-based software dedicated to robotics and industrial image analysis. ViDi Suite is a field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in Machine Learning. It allows tackling otherwise impossible to program recognition, tracking, inspection and classification challenges.
More about ViDi Suite Deep Learning Software.

Medical & Surgical
Virtual Incision Miniaturized Surgical Robot
Virtual Incision is developing a first-of-its-kind miniaturized robot for General Surgery abdominal procedures. The company is planning a first-in-human feasibility study in the coming months for colon resection, a procedure performed to treat patients with lower gastrointestinal diseases such as diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer.
More about Virtual Incision Miniaturized Surgical Robot.

Motion Control Solution
ams AS5048-High Resolution Sensing for Joint Systems
With high accuracy, low propagation delay and built in stray field immunity, ams' AS5048 position sensor is ideally suited for providing robot joint motor position feedback. The AS5048 is a 360o rotary magnetic position sensor IC that provides contactless high resolution position information over a PWM, SPI or I2C output.
More about ams AS5048-High Resolution Sensing for Joint Systems.

Motion Control Solution
CSF-2UP Harmonic Drive Gear
These new high-torque, zero-backlash gear units have an ultra-flat configuration and feature a large cross-roller bearing with high-moment stiffness. Complete with a housing and precision output bearing, Harmonic Drive® gear units are lightweight and extremely compact. The CSF-2UP gearheads are ideally suited for robots or manipulators requiring an ultra-compact solution.
More about CSF-2UP Harmonic Drive Gear.

Next-Gen Game Changer
Harvest CROO Robotics Strawberry Picker
Commercial Strawberry growers will be able to rest easy about getting their crop harvested. Harvest CROO Robotics is developing a fully autonomous machine to pick and pack strawberries! The self-driving picking platform will crawl through the fields harvesting only ripe berries while leaving others to mature.
More about Harvest CROO Robotics Strawberry Picker.

Next-Gen Game Changer
Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3
Wave Glider SV3, the world's first wave powered ocean robot, enables long duration exploration, monitoring, and assessment of the World's oceans. Solar energy powers the modular, onboard computing, communications and sensor payloads. No fuel no manpower, no emissions. Fleets of Wave Gliders open our oceans for economic and scientific breakthroughs.
More about Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3.

Next-Gen Game Changer
RobotEye RE08 3D LiDAR
RobotEye RE08 3D LiDAR empowers robots to dynamically interact with their environment. As the smartest 3D laser scanner on the market it adapts its scan region and resolution on-the-fly. With unmatched flexibility and ability to rapidly scan in extraordinary detail, RE08 3D LiDAR redefines the way robots view the world.
More about RobotEye RE08 3D LiDAR.

Next-Gen Game Changer
Robotmaster - CAD/CAM FOR ROBOTS
Robotmaster is an off-line programming software that provides quick and easy tools for industrial robotics and manufacturing. Robot programmers can drastically reduce programming time and effort by adopting Robotmaster while maximizing a rapid return on their investment.
More about Robotmaster - CAD/CAM FOR ROBOTS.

Next-Gen Game Changer
Vecna Robotic Logistics Solutions Fleet
Vecna's navigation system is hierarchical multi-resolution planner and executive. This means that high-level goals such as "deliver this package to central receiving" are decomposed into successively smaller goals, and eventually into actionable goals that the robot can reliably execute. It is a much more human-like approach to robot navigation.
More about Vecna Robotic Logistics Solutions Fleet.

Next-Gen Gamechanger
Ragnar Robot
The Ragnar Robot® introduces a modular platform with open control software offering unmatched cost performance optimization by factors. Its low cost entrance allow customers to explore applications like 3D printing and pick n´ place. It scales up to yet unseen reach, payload and speed enabling new and down-cost critical returns.
More about Ragnar Robot.

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