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The Robotics Business Review Game Changer Awards honor the robotics industry's remarkable technical accomplishments and their makers.
Enter your company to win by August 28th. Winners will be announced September 23, 2015 at RoboBusiness.
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2014 Game Changers
Autonomous Navigation
Kairos Autonomi Pronto4 Uomo
Kairos Autonomi has a product line of Applique Kits that, when applied to unmodified ground vehicles, create optionally unmanned ground robotic systems (UGS). These UGS are capable of being controlled via tele-operation, semi-autonomous path following, or 3rd part applications. The latest addition to the Kairos Applique Kits is a fly away kit, called the Uomo, that is installable in 10 minutes.
More about Kairos Autonomi Pronto4 Uomo.

Autonomous Navigation
Neya Systems UxAB Autonomy Module
The UxAB Autonomy Module from Neya Systems allows a systems integrator to add autonomy into their new or existing small and mid-sized ground vehicle platforms. UxAB has integrated fused GPS and IMU sensing for navigation, and comes with a variety of software configurations.
More about Neya Systems UxAB Autonomy Module.

Data Collection Platform
Clearpath Robotics Kingfisher Unmanned Surface Vessel
The Kingfisher Unmanned Surface Vessel is a game changer, not only because of its unique patent-pending design and features, but also because of the new opportunities it presents to its users. Water Data Collection has never been as safe, cost effective, simple and accurate as it is with Kingfisher.
More about Clearpath Robotics Kingfisher Unmanned Surface Vessel.

Domestic Automation
iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
The new iRobot Roomba 800 Series with patent-pending AeroForce Performance Cleaning System is the ultimate high performance robot vacuum cleaner. The tangle-free extractors eliminate the maintenance hassle of hair clogs and jams. As a result, Roomba 800 Series delivers up to 50 percent better pick-up of dirt, debris and hair from floors than previous Roomba models.
More about iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

Domestic Automation
iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot
Based on industrial style cleaners, iRobot's Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot uses the Scooba Three-Cycle Cleaning Process that automatically sweeps and pre-soaks, scrubs, and squeegees hard floors in order to maintain constantly clean floors and wash away up to 99.3% of bacteria.
More about iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot.

Domestic Automation
ShopBot Tools Handibot Smart Power Tool
The Handibo Smart Power Tool Developer Edition is a portable, hand-held robotic power tool meant for professional jobsites, home DIY projects, prototyping, classroom settings and more - any application that would benefit from a powerful digital fabrication tool. Ships with user friendly CAD/CAM software for your PC/tablet running Windows.
More about ShopBot Tools Handibot Smart Power Tool.

Aisoy Robotics Aisoy1 Social Robot
Aisoy1 is a very affordable social robot that promotes social intelligence and teaches how to code. Everyone can program an Aisoy1 with Scratch and Blockly. Made for kids from 6 to 99, from the young to the young at heart.
More about Aisoy Robotics Aisoy1 Social Robot.

NewBotic University Engineer Training
NewBotic helps develop new manufacturing process automation, industrial application, and robotic operations throughout the Northeast U.S. It identifies manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution companies looking to decrease costs and bottlenecks, and increase throughput and efficiency, by expanding, streamlining, or consolidating their facilities in an effort to help U.S. businesses compete against foreign firms.
More about NewBotic University Engineer Training.

Rethink Robotics Baxter Research Robot
The Baxter Research Robot helps spark new ideas, boost student engagement, and provide a revolutionary continuity of learning, from K-12 through postgraduate education and beyond.
More about Rethink Robotics Baxter Research Robot.

Grabit Electroadhesion-based Grippers
Grabit grippers offer a flexible solution for handling of smart phones and tablets, printed circuit boards (PCBs), flexible circuit boards, fabrics and textiles, solar panels, glass sheets, composite pre-preg fiber sheets, and sheet metal.
More about Grabit Electroadhesion-based Grippers.

Industrial Productivity
Andrew Automated Pipetting Robot
Andrew has been designed to enhance the success of pipetting processes by delivering highly accurate results, using the same pipettors, processes and consumables that scientists are using today. It achieves the target by exploiting vision, position and force feedback, sophisticated positioning algorithms and pipetting principles knowledge, with the purpose of achieving the performances of the most skilled operators.
More about Andrew Automated Pipetting Robot.

Industrial Productivity
Harvest Automation HV-100
Harvest robots are helping customers solve the problems associated with the uncertainty of a workforce (availability, cost, overhead, etc.) Robots are deployed so that there is consistent and predictable quality and throughput at the beginning and end of each shift.
More about Harvest Automation HV-100.

Industrial Productivity
Universal Robots UR5 Industrial Arm
From a small machine shop to large automobile assembly lines, Universal Robots UR5 robot arm optimizes production in all companies needing to automate repeated tasks. The payback period is only 195 days - the fastest in the industry.
More about Universal Robots UR5 Industrial Arm.

NextGen Game Changer
Autonomous Solutions Mobius Haulage A.I.
The Haulage A.I. leverages advanced multi-vehicle command and control software to set up and manage a coordinated system of haul trucks and excavators. The Haulage A.I. keeps all trucks consistently tasked, queues waiting vehicles, and regulates the haul cycle in the most efficient way possible.
More about Autonomous Solutions Mobius Haulage A.I..

NextGen Game Changer
Carnegie Robotics MultiSense S21
The MultiSense S21 from Carnegie Robotics is a computer stereo vision sensor which outputs accurate, calibrated 3D images at up to 30 Hz and 15 million points per second. The MultiSense S21 addresses one of the key long-term problems in robotics and automation: reliable 3D sensing of the world indoors and out, in a wide range of conditions, at a reasonable cost.
More about Carnegie Robotics MultiSense S21.

NextGen Game Changer
EZ-Robot Revolution Robots
Revolution Robots boast unique features inspired from science fiction - speech recognition, vision object learning/tracking, and streaming audio. Revolution robots are assembled with EZ-Bits using Clip 'n' Play technology for endless configurations using a simple, effortless and friction-fit design to create new robots easily.
More about EZ-Robot Revolution Robots.

NextGen Game Changer
Grabit Each Pick Gripper
Grabit's "Each-Pick" technology will allow the acquisition and transfer of unwrapped products of various shapes, sizes and weights. "Each-Pick" technology offers flexible and labor savings automated solutions in fulfillment centers and warehouses.
More about Grabit Each Pick Gripper.

NextGen Game Changer
Harvard University Mobility-Enhancing Soft Robotic Exosuit
Harvard University's Soft Robotic ExoSuit consists of a fabric base worn by the user under their pants. The fabric has features which enhance gait by assisting underlying biological muscles. Active components are added through cables attached to motors worn on the waist.
More about Harvard University Mobility-Enhancing Soft Robotic Exosuit.

NextGen Game Changer
Hstar Technologies RoNA Robotic Nursing Assistant
RoNA SerBot is a stable, highly mobile, dexterous, autonomous, bi-manual humanoid robotic nursing assistant. RoNA SerBot is targeted to hospitals, nursing homes and patient homes.
More about Hstar Technologies RoNA Robotic Nursing Assistant.

NextGen Game Changer
Nitrofirex Firefighting UAS
Nitrofirex is an innovative project that integrates two defense industry technologies to fight forest fires from the air at night and allows direct support to the ground crews.
More about Nitrofirex Firefighting UAS.

NextGen Game Changer
Rajant Meshbot UGV Control Platform
Rajant MeshBot is designed to allow a small crew of operators to manage a fleet of wireless UGVs over a large area. MeshBot is a communications and control platform designed for extreme distance robots. MeshBot offers the unique ability to create and expand an on-the-fly self-healing mobile communications network.
More about Rajant Meshbot UGV Control Platform.

NextGen Game Changer
Rise Robotics Cyclone 3 Linear Actuator
The Cyclone 3 from Rise Robotics presents a revolution in creating motion with machines. Our electrically-driven patented linear drive-train is lighter and higher power than ball-screws and gearboxes.
More about Rise Robotics Cyclone 3 Linear Actuator.

NextGen Game Changer
Sensory TrulyHandsfree Voice Control
TrulyHandsfree Voice Control triggers enable a "listening" mode that awaits a designated key word or phrase. When the user says the key phrase, the device wakes up and awaits the next voice command. With the implementation of TrulysHandsfree, Sensory became a leader in enabling voice control in robotic devices.
More about Sensory TrulyHandsfree Voice Control.

NextGen Game Changer
University of New South Wales Robotics Autonomous Seeder
The UNSW Robotics Autonomous Seeder, a light weight, modular, fully autonomous system, not only offers increased agricultural productivity, it also offers increased cost effectiveness and reduced impact on the environment by avoiding the over use of chemicals. It does so by achieving an unprecedented level of spatial accuracy (2-5 cm) via a suite of 12 high precision sensors.
More about University of New South Wales Robotics Autonomous Seeder.

2013 Game Changers
Autonomous Navigation
Aethon TUG
The TUG® autonomous mobile robot delivers goods and materials through the busy hallways of hospitals. The TUG is able to deliver medications, lab specimens, food, linens and remove trash and waste. Hospitals using the TUG are able to improve efficiency and re-focus existing staff on patient care.
More about Aethon TUG.

Autonomous Navigation
Autonomous Solutions’ Forge
Forge is an open-interface, extensible ground robot platform developed by ASI. Forge takes leverages numerous skid-steer attachments to expand unmanned vehicle technology to a variety of applications and tasks. Developers can purchase standard software modules or develop their own through Forge API.
More about Autonomous Solutions’ Forge.

Autonomous Navigation
CtrlWorks Axon
Unlike most purpose-built AGV platforms, Axon is a revolutionary add-on kit that transforms any wheeled platform into an intelligent mobile robot. Powered by CloudNav, our offboard navigation engine, it has an extremely small footprint that allows it to be coupled to the smallest platforms and navigate into the tightest spaces.
More about CtrlWorks Axon.

Autonomous Navigation
Intellibot’s HydroBot
Intellibot's HydroBot is the world's most advanced robotic commercial floor cleaning machine. Featuring hands-free operation to reduce cost and increase productivity, remote wireless monitoring for easier management, and on-board water purification to reduce waste, it is a true game changer for the cleaning industry.
More about Intellibot’s HydroBot.

Autonomous Navigation
iRobot Ava 500
In June 2013, iRobot announced that it has teamed with Cisco to bring the Ava 500 video collaboration robot to market, enabling freedom of movement, location spontaneity and the embodiment of the remote user thousands of miles away.
More about iRobot Ava 500.

Autonomous Navigation
Robocone brings a solution to the risks related to the manual placement of signaling on the road, allowing a reduction of the accidents derived from cars' proximity and avoiding outrages and accidents. The aim is to develop a swarm of robotized cones and beaconing elements able to move and coordinate themselves.
More about Robocone.

Autonomous Navigation
Vigilant Robots Vigilus Mobile Camera Platform
The Vigilus™ Mobile Camera Platform security robot meets the needs of the physical security industry by providing reliable autonomous patrols of critical facilities. Working alongside humans Vigilus MCP is the first of many robotic co-workers changing the face of security today, and any number of professions tomorrow; a true game-changer.
More about Vigilant Robots Vigilus Mobile Camera Platform.

Data Collection Platform
Honeybee Robotics SMS - Precision Sample Positioner
The Sample Manipulation System from Honeybee Robotics is the robotic laboratory assistant¬Ě at the heart of the Mars Science Laboratory's mobile sample analysis suite, the most advanced science payload ever sent to another planet. It has been integral to discovering organic compounds and a formerly hospitable environment on Mars.
More about Honeybee Robotics SMS - Precision Sample Positioner.

International Robotics’ Social Robotics
Ongoing purpose-driven goodwill and research program in the field of Social Robotics as applied to Education.
More about International Robotics’ Social Robotics.

Imagine being taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter. The RobotsLAB BOX uses robots to demonstrate abstract concepts in Algebra I & II, Physics, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. The easy-to-use tablet includes 50 hours of interactive and engaging lessons, helping students understand why math is relevant to their world.
More about RobotsLAB BOX.

Healthcare & Rehabilitation
Aethon TUG
The TUG® autonomous mobile robot delivers goods and materials through the busy hallways of hospitals. The TUG is able to deliver medications, lab specimens, food, linens and remove trash and waste. Hospitals using the TUG are able to improve efficiency and re-focus existing staff on patient care.
More about Aethon TUG.

Healthcare & Rehabilitation
Hstar Technologies RoNA - Robotic Nursing Assistant System
Robotic nursing assistants (RoNA), designed to function under direct nurse control to lift patients weighing 500 pounds or more, is a human-safe and clinically useful robot. It reduces incidence of clinician workplace injuries and associated workman's compensation claims, and reduces patient falls and injuries due to improper / unsafe lifting.
More about Hstar Technologies RoNA - Robotic Nursing Assistant System.

Healthcare & Rehabilitation
Restoration Robotics ARTAS Robotic System
The ARTAS Robotic System is a state-of-the-art medical device that safely, effectively extracts hair for transplantation. With over 8 years of research and development and clearance by the FDA and other international regulatory bodies, the ARTAS Robotic System delivers outstanding results for hair transplantation physicians in an outpatient procedure.
More about Restoration Robotics ARTAS Robotic System.

Human-Machine Interaction
Orbotix Sphero 2.0
Introducing Sphero 2.0. Now brighter, faster, and smarter than ever. Choose from over 25 apps and launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay. Drive Sphero like never before, turn your surroundings into a video game with augmented reality, and discover endless ways to play.
More about Orbotix Sphero 2.0.

Human-Machine Interaction
Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot
Baxter is a revolutionary new category of humanoid robot that is redefining the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments. It performs a variety of simple, yet critical production tasks while safely and intelligently working next to people.
More about Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot.

Human-Machine Interaction
Robotiq Kinetiq Teaching
Kinetiq Teaching is a hardware and software solution to quickly and intuitively program an industrial robot by demonstration without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. This technology - first applied to welding applications with Yaskawa robots - will enable welders and other operators to easily program industrial robots.
More about Robotiq Kinetiq Teaching.

Human-Machine Interaction
Universal Robots UR5
The lightweight UR5 has reinvented industrial robotics, automating production in all industries even in SMBs regarding automation as costly and complex. UR5 can operate without safety guards and is easily moved around to complete detailed tasks. Programming is done through intuitive touch screen, eliminating need for skilled programmers.
More about Universal Robots UR5.

Industrial Productivity
Clearpath Robotics’ Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle
Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle (RUV) is designed for rough, rugged, hazardous environments. With four 26" all-terrain tires, a solid steel chassis, and 48V at 400Ah of power, it is ideal for military, mining and agricultural applications. Initially designed to bring research to the field, Grizzly offers combined power and precision.
More about Clearpath Robotics’ Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle.

Industrial Productivity
OmnicO AGV Omni-directional AGV
OmnicO AGV is developing a mobile manufacturing platform delivery system. We are testing our newly developed mobile omni-directional autonomous guided vehicle with wireless navigation. We are targeting one-off component manufacturing. Our navigation technology allows rapid re-routing of navigation pathways. Wheel system provides zero turning radius.
More about OmnicO AGV Omni-directional AGV.

Industrial Productivity
Precise Automation PF400
Precise presents the PF400, the world's first collaborative SCARA robot. Intrinsically safe, all forces are limited so that it cannot hurt users or equipment. Due to its revolutionary combination of safety, capabilities and performance, the PF400 is currently being used in environments where automation could never go before.
More about Precise Automation PF400.

Motion Control
ADVANCED Motion Controls Z-Drives Family
Z-Drives are plug-in style servo drives designed to be PCB embedded yet offer all of the functionality of traditional form factors. When introduced, Z-Drives revolutionized motion control by setting a new standard in power density and greatly expanding solutions in robotics and mobile applications.
More about ADVANCED Motion Controls Z-Drives Family.

Motion Control
Infranor Inc. Xtrafors Prime
Infranor's Xtrafors Prime series of slotless brushless servo motors produce higher torque and more speed in a smaller package. They also run smoother and are more energy efficient than traditional brushless motors. The broad family includes 8 frame sizes and produces torque up to 75 N-m.
More about Infranor Inc. Xtrafors Prime.

Motion Control
Jabez Technologies Robotmaster V6
ROBOTMASTER/V6 - CAD/CAM for Robots, integrates robot programming, simulation and code generation inside CAM software, for trajectory optimization directly from the CAD model. It reduces programming time, increases accuracy and enables ultimate motion control with its integrated, intuitive, interactive simulation environment for programming for milling, trimming, welding, dispensing and more.
More about Jabez Technologies Robotmaster V6.

NextGen Game Changer
Five Elements Robotics Budgee
Introducing your newest friend created by Five Elements Robotics just for you: Budgee the robot that carries your stuff!
More about Five Elements Robotics Budgee.

NextGen Game Changer
Perrone Robotics AVTS - Autonomous Vehicle Test System
The Autonomous Vehicle Test System (AVTS) is a combination of robotic subsystems that empowers safety test facilities, vehicle manufacturers and vehicle safety system suppliers to safely and repeatably test the autonomous collision avoidance system in todays vehicles. Unlike previous test offerings, AVTS supports testing and safe collisions at highway speeds.
More about Perrone Robotics AVTS - Autonomous Vehicle Test System.

NextGen Game Changer
DYNAMIXEL Pro is modular actuator for full scale robots, which integrates the BLDC motor (up to 200W), controller, driver, encoder and gear system into its compact rectangular shape. Innovative cycloidal gear system is expected to provide powerful yet affordable actuation solution for field/service robots.
More about Robotis DYNAMIXEL Pro.

NextGen Game Changer
SwRI ROS-Industrial
ROS-Industrial is an open-source software framework for next-generation manufacturing automation. ROS-I is creating a community of users to launch new developments in factory automation by leveraging advanced capabilities such as mobile manipulation, on-the-fly path planning, collision avoidance, grasp planning and 3-D perception for industrial robots and peripherals.
More about SwRI ROS-Industrial.

NextGen Game Changer
Unbounded Robotics' UBR-1
UBR-1 is the premiere personal robot from Unbounded Robotics, a spin-off from Willow Garage. UBR-1 is a ROS-based mobile manipulation platform designed for robot researchers. The one-armed robot is designed for human-scale tasks and comes pre-installed with the latest version of ROS, including MoveIt! integration.
More about Unbounded Robotics' UBR-1.

NextGen Game Changer
Wynright Robotic Truck Unloader (RTU)
The Robotic Truck Unloader (RTU) is an autonomous robotic platform that unloads floor loaded trailers or ocean containers from a receiving dock. Utilizing 3d machine vision systems, without human intervention, the RTU drives into the container and automatically unloads floor loaded product until the container is empty.
More about Wynright Robotic Truck Unloader (RTU).

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