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Adept Technology
Adept Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets robots for the electronics, telecommunications, appliances, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and automotive components industries.

Its product range includes application software, integrated real-time vision and multi-axis motion controls, machine vision systems and software, autonomous navigation software and controls, industrial robots and grippers, autonomous service robots, intelligent automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and advanced vision-based flexible parts feeders.

Adept’s latest initiatives are focused on autonomous mobility with the 2013 acquisition of MobileRobots The company’s specialized Autonomous Indoor Vehicles, such as Lynx, provide fully automated, point-to-point and direct movement of goods to transform conventional material handling vehicles into mobile robots. Robots powered by Adept’s Motivity Core are people aware and work in existing facilities with minimal to no retrofits.

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    Contact Info
    5960 Inglewood Dr.
    Pleasanton, CA, 94588
    United States
    Tel: 925.245.3400
    Fax: 925.960.0590
    Company Leadership

    Rob Cain
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Terry Hannon
    Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer

    Seth Halio
    Chief Financial Officer

    Hai Chang
    Vice President, Asia and Strategic Programs

    Larry Anderson
    Vice President of Mobile Sales

    Merrill Apter
    Vice President of North American Sales

    Market Segments

    Adept Technology Analyst Outlook
    In-depth look as to why these two robot manufacturers deserve considerable investor attention.

    Adept Technology in the News
    Revenue is up, but the RBR50 company operated at a loss in the quarter ending June 2014.
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