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Intellibot Robotics
Intellibot Robotics LLC is the only U.S. manufacturer of robotic commercial floor cleaners, focusing on industries such as education, big box retailers, hospitals, and hospitality.

HydroBot was named as one of the most noteworthy robotic products of 2011 (ROBIE AWARD). A privately held, 30-person company, Intellibot maintains engineering and manufacturing operations in Richmond, Va.; a corporate office in Portland, Ore.; and sales and service teams throughout the U.S.


Contact Info
5410 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR, 97239
United States
Company Leadership

Erick Frack, President (acting)

Market Segments

Intellibot Robotics in the News
Robot custodian saves taxpayers' money by conserving water and energy
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Intellibot Robotics is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial, robotic floor cleaners.

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