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QinetiQ North America
QinetiQ Group plc provides technical support, training, test and evaluation, and know-how to customers in the defense, aerospace, and security markets primarily in the United Kingdom and North America.

The company offers various services, such as test and evaluation of land, sea, and air equipment; technical and information services; electro-magnetic compatibility and environmental testing; network engineering and communications solutions; cyber operations; software solutions; systems engineering; facility management and range design; military, aviation, and cyber and software training; and aerospace engineering that include design, simulate, instrument, embody, and evaluate aircraft and equipment.

Its products include OptaSense to gather information from linear assets; Zephyr, an unmanned air vehicle to support payloads for surveillance or communications; X-Net, a vehicle arresting system to bring vehicles to a safe non-lethal stop; Q-Net to protect tactical and lightly armored vehicles from rocket-propelled grenades. The company also provides military robotics comprising Dragon Runner, a small unmanned ground vehicle (UGV); Dragon Runner 10, a micro UGV; Rascal, a sensor-carrying small ground robot; TALON, a man-portable robot; MAARS, a modular ground robot system; and Rangemaster for operations running on diesel engine. QinetiQ Group plc is based in Farnborough, the United Kingdom.


Contact Info
Cody Technology Park
Ively Road
Farnborough, GU14 0LX
United Kingdom
Company Leadership

Leo Quinn MSc BSc (Hons), Exec. Director & CEO
David Mellors, Exec. Director & CFO

Market Segments

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Two months after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated northern Japan, leaving some 26,000 people dead and causing apocalyptic damage, workers finally entered the reactor buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
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QinetiQ, for decades of unmatched expertise and experience in building unmanned systems and vehicles that help war fighters and first responders stay out of harm’s way.

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