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Rethink Robotics
Rethink Robotics develops adaptive, low-cost robots for manufacturing. Rethink's solutions are targeted for the SMB market and designed to be human-safe and easily programmable. The company's flagship product, Baxter, is the world's first low-cost industrial humanoid robot.

Baxter increases worker productivity by tackling tasks that have never been economically automated before, improving manufacturers’ ability to compete with others who rely on low-cost labor and reducing the need for offshoring.

Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008 by robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks. Rod was a co-founder of iRobot and held positions there including CTO, Chairman and board member from 1990 through 2011.

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Contact Info
27 Wormwood Street
Boston, MA, 02210
United States
Tel: 617.500.2487
Company Leadership

Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman & CTO
Scott Eckert, President & CEO
Jim Lawton, CMO

Market Segments

Rethink Robotics in the News
Part of the new Intera 3.1 software, the Robot Positioning System more quickly and easily re-deploys Baxter after common plant-floor variations occur.
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