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RoboDynamics Corporation develops robots for enterprise, industrial/manufacturing, inspection, monitoring, and touring applications. It offers TiLR + Rocketship 2, an enterprise robotic telepresence platform that enables a remote worker to use the robot as his/her physical avatar in the remote location. Robodynamics is currently launching Luna, a fully-programmable personal robot companion platform that will ship this year.

RoboDynamics was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa Monica, California.RoboDynamics commercialed an enterprise-grade robotic telepresence platform. Robot Telepresence enables the instant teleportation of a user to remote location by having a life-size robot act as the user’s avatar. The company’s mission is “to make robots as ubiquitous as personal computers and mobile phones by aggressively driving costs down to sub $500.”


Contact Info
525 Broadway Avenue
Suite 250
Santa Monica, CA, 90405
United States
Company Leadership

Fred Nikgohar, CEO
John Sosoka, Chief Technology Officer
Caleb Chung, Chief Inspiration Officer
Dr. Ari Saif, Chief Science Officer

Market Segments

RoboDynamics in the News
Designed for consumers, ‘Luna’ incorporates open standards and expandability with an initial $3k price tag.
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RoboDynamics is the designer of TiLR, world’s first commercial telepresence robot for the enterprise and Luna, the first commercial human-size robot companion, as well as innovative robotic products and technologies such as RooTooth, a bluetooth dongle for the iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner.

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