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Conducting R&D with Government Funding
2015 RBR50 Nominations Now Open

Bluefin Develops Deep Sea Docking Stations
With the adoption of AUV technology becoming more widespread, the limitations of the technology are being explored and addressed. The average AUV charge lasts about 24-hours on an underwater AUV, but the Navy now wants to deploy them for the kinds of 60-day missions that some unmanned aerial systems are equipped to undertake. Bluefin Robotics has developed a solution that has Navy officials scoping out their Fore River testing site. (October 10, 2012)

Look Who’s Coming to Pittsburgh?
RoboBusiness 12 Days and Counting (October 09, 2012)

Howe and Howe Develop Inferno-Fighting UGV
Remote controlled robot can take over for fire fighters in areas of extreme hazard (October 08, 2012)

China’s Siasun Expands To Seize More Of The Domestic Market
Rising labor costs and the expense of maintaining foreign robots gives the Chinese manufacturer a b (October 08, 2012)

Adaptive Traffic Signals Get The Green Light In Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh is testing new traffic light technology that will impact the local economy and take police officers off of construction duty (October 08, 2012)

Robot Suitcase: Travel Buddy that Finds its Own Way
The bags can be programmed to follow one to another or are controlled jointly by the staff that handles the baggage at airports or transit stations. (October 07, 2012)

Top 10: Best Robotic Arms for 2012
If robots are to be the side-by-side work mates of their creators, then they better have arms, good ones. (October 06, 2012)

U.S. Navy Provides $28 Million For Robotic Rotorcraft Concepts
The U.S. Office of Naval Research is providing $28 million for the prototype design concept effort, which is part of a larger 5-year, $98 million program to develop sensors and control technologies for robotic rotorcraft. (October 05, 2012)

From Wowsy Robot to Danger Bot: 3D Printers Also Make Guns
After brainstorming the concept with a friend, Wilson assembled a group of engineers, programmers and designers to develop the printable firearm. (October 02, 2012)

DBR Robotic Harvester Solves Labor Problems, Saves Consumers Cash
The DBR is being tested in multiple states with modifications for various regions with a possible 80 percent increase in fruit-picking efficiency (October 02, 2012)

Vigilant Robots Launches Mobile Camera Platform for Security
The Vigilus MCP is an autonomous mobile robot designed to patrol interior spaces and to report suspicious anomalies. (October 02, 2012)

Rethink Robotics: Unpacked!
Rodney Brooks likens his manufacturing humanoid robot to the invention of the tractor. Analyst-at-large, Dan Kara, analyzes Rethink Robotics' business model and the robot's vast repercussions. (October 01, 2012)

Something Old, Something New: Concrete and 3D Printing
The new 3D printing/additive manufacturing tool is out there, and because of it things are happening fast. Building a revolution with concrete is just one of them. (September 30, 2012)

CoroWare and Private Investor Launch ARiCON
CoroWare and private investor, Lucas Snyder, will contribute mobile robots to the construction industry (September 27, 2012)

California Paves The Way For Autonomous Vehicles, Causes Concern Among Automakers
A bill, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, calls for DMV regulations for autonomous vehicles by 2015 (September 27, 2012)

Special Focus: Robots and the Law

Special Focus: 3D Printing
3D Printing

The new reality of customizable, one-off production:
Additive Manufacturing (AM). Where it’s going, why and what’s
driving its emergence.

3D Printing Plastics: Demand and Opportunities

Talking Stock Picks for 2015 at the Investing Webcast

Samsung Electronics Launches New $100M Robotics Lab
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