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Service Robots stories in the RBR50
Ekso Licenses Patents to Prosthetics Giant Ottobock
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Neato Robotics Vacs Up $14M

Service Robots Companies
Alphabet, Inc. (Google)
Alphabet, Inc. (Google) is a Public company with a focus on Medical & Assistive & Humanoid & Industrial & Manipulator & Mobile robotics. It is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View California in the United States.
Over the last two months, Alphabet, the new holding company that separated Google from its collection of speculative projects, has reframed the robots effort, moving it from a stand-alone division inside Google to a piece of the X research division. The company has also hired Hans Peter Brondmo, a technology industry veteran who last worked at Nokia, to help with management. In 2013, Google Inc. (Google) shook up the robotics industry with its acquisitions of seven superb and technically diversified robotics companies—all in rapid succession: Boston Dynamics, Bot & Dolly, Holomni, Industrial Perception, Meka Robtics, Redwood Robotics, Schaft, Inc. More about Alphabet, Inc. (Google).
Cyberdyne is a Private company with a focus on Medical & Assistive robotics. It is located at D25-1 Gakuen Minami,, Ibaraki in Japan.
Cyberdyne commercializes the inventions of Prof. Sankai and his laboratory at the University of Tsukuba. The company's flagship product is the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) suit, which enables and/or augments human motor function by reading nerve signals through the skin. More about Cyberdyne.
Knightscope is a Private company with a focus on robotics. It is located at 1070 Terra Bella Ave, Mountain View California in the United States.
Founded in 2013, Knightscope is a security technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Their flagship product is the K5 Autonomous Data Machine, an autonomous mobile robot solution providing advanced physical security. The K5 gathers important real-time, on-site data through its numerous sensors, which is then processed with advanced anomaly detection software to determine if there is a concern or threat in the area. If so, an issue is created with an appropriate alert level and a notification is sent to the proper authorities through the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), a browser based user interface. More about Knightscope.
Rethink Robotics
Rethink Robotics is a Private company with a focus on Humanoid & Industrial & Manipulator robotics. It is located at 27 Wormwood Street, Boston MA in the United States.
Rethink Robotics develops adaptive, low-cost robots for manufacturing. Rethink's solutions are targeted for the SMB market and designed to be human-safe and easily programmable. The company's flagship product, Baxter, is the world's first low-cost industrial humanoid robot. More about Rethink Robotics.
Samsung is a Public company with a focus on Humanoid robotics. It is located at 1320-10 Seocho-2-dong, , Seoul Seocho-gu in Korea, South.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronic products. It operates in two divisions: end product division and component division. More about Samsung.
Savioke is a Private company with a focus on Mobile robotics. It is located at 2900 Gordon Avenue , Santa Clara CA in the United States.
Savioke is creating autonomous robot helpers for the services industry. Our flagship robot, Relay, is deploying in hotels across the United States. We are passionate about delivering easy-to-use yet sophisticated robots that can help people. We aim to improve the lives of people by developing and deploying robotic technology in human environments - the places people live and work. More about Savioke.
Toyota is a Public company with a focus on Humanoid & Mobile robotics. It is located at 2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi in Japan.
Toyota Motor Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, assembly, and sale of passenger cars, minivans, and commercial vehicles. It sells its vehicles in approximately 170 countries and regions, including Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. Toyota Motor Corporation has collaboration with Microsoft Corporation for the development and deployment of telematics applications on the Windows Azure platform for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. More about Toyota.
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