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What Role Will Agribotics Play in the World Food Crisis?
Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost
Is Robotic Milking a Viable Option for Farmers?

Research Report
Healthcare Robotics: 2014
New developments, trends, challenges and opportunities in the medical robotics sector. (July 21, 2014)

Research Report
Robotics and the Revolution in Global Agriculture
Robotics Business Review's special report "Big Ag & Agribotics: 2014-2020 Robotics and the Revolution in Global Agriculture" examines the factors driving and challenges hindering the adoption of robotics in agriculture. (May 29, 2014)

Research Report
The Rise of Vision Systems: Turning Point for Robotics
Robotics Business Review's special report "The Rise of Vision Systems: Turning Point for Robotics" examines the technology behind vision systems, the market's key players, vision's impact on different robotics sectors, and the industry's recent performance and future expectations. (May 10, 2014)

Research Report
Self-driving Vehicles are Here. What Next?
Driverless Vehicle Makers: Who is Making What and Why? (January 14, 2014)

Research Report
Outlook for Next-Gen, New-Gen Industrial Co-Worker Robotics
Download this in-depth report covering the cultural trends, companies and technologies contributing to the co-worker robot revolution (October 01, 2013)

Research Report
Outlook for Health Care Robotics for 2013
Top 22 health care robotics companies: Their technology, their markets, where they're going and why. (August 01, 2013)

Research Report
Latest Trends in the North American Consumer Robotics Market
Emerging from difficult economic times, the consumer robotics industry is back on track. This extensive Robotics Trends research report on the North American market reveals what buyers want now and in the years ahead. (February 29, 2012)

Research Report
Mining the Seafloor with Robots
Gold, rare earth elements, and other sea riches could sustain humanity for centuries, while providing enormous opportunities for robotics developers. (February 01, 2012)

Research Report
The Promise and Pitfalls of Open Source in Robotics
Open source technologies provide a low barrier to entry and foster communities of contributors accelerating advancements, but developers need to pay close attention to licensing nuances and weigh commercial trade-offs. (November 01, 2010)

Research Report
Willow Garage Puts Stake in Ground for Universal ROS
With a stronghold in the research community, the Robot Operating System is being positioned to become a de facto standard for commercial robotic application developers. (September 01, 2010)

Research Report
Manipulation: Key Functionality and Leading Opportunity
Productization and commercialization opportunities for manipulation technology, both simple and advanced, are numerous and varied. (August 01, 2010)

Research Report
The Food Industry’s Appetite for Robotics
Slow out of the gate due to strict regulatory requirements and other technical hurdles, the use of robotics for food production has expanded considerably, but there is still a wide range of opportunities for companies of all sizes. (July 01, 2010)

Research Report
Opportunities in Educational Robotics
Commercial opportunities in the educational robotics marketplace are numerous, but to optimize chances for commercial success, solution providers must also understand and fully exploit the strategic elements driving the marketplace. (May 01, 2010)

Research Report
Full Warehouse Automation Is the Goal and the Opportunity for both Providers and Investors
Opportunities in warehouse and distribution center automation are linked to improving efficiency while reducing costs. AGVs and intelligent, mobile robots that increase system flexibility and extend the overall warehouse automation chain do just that. (March 01, 2010)

Research Report
A Look at the Robotic Lawn-Mower Marketplace
The market potential for robotic lawn mowers greatly exceeds current sales. Price, skepticism, overfunctionality, and unfamiliarity all play a role. (January 01, 2010)

Special Focus: Robots and the Law

Special Focus: 3D Printing
3D Printing

The new reality of customizable, one-off production:
Additive Manufacturing (AM). Where it’s going, why and what’s
driving its emergence.

Intel’s Jimmy the Robot: “Like a Smartphone with Legs”

3D Systems vs. Stratasys: Will Industrial Sector Decide?

3D-Printed Construction Tech Reaching Critical Mass
More in 3D Printing