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R E S E A R C H   R E P O R T
Latest Trends in the North American Consumer Robotics Market
A Review of the Market and Technologies
By RBR Staff

This extensive research report on the North American market reveals what buyers want now and in the years ahead.

Emerging from difficult economic times, the consumer robotics industry is back on track. This extensive Robotics Trends research report on the North American market reveals what buyers want now and in the years ahead.

From smart toys and educational robotics, to hobby and personal robots, these automated devices perform a variety of common tasks, including healthcare support, vacuuming floors, and mowing lawns. Consumer robotics in North America is a multibillion-dollar industry that continues to provide new opportunities for manufacturers and stakeholders in multiple markets.

Notwithstanding, the consumer robotics industry faced significant challenges during the past two years. However, current economic and technological advances have now shifted the market in a positive direction. The reasons behind this market shift are multifaceted and will be elaborated upon throughout the course of this report. Our research reveals that the consumer robotics industry in North America, and by implication, the markets in Asia and Europe, will experience significant growth in the years ahead. As evidence, the number of respondents to our survey who express an intention to purchase a home care/lawn care robot is roughly three times the number of those who currently own a product within that category. Even more dramatic, 4 percent of respondents indicate they currently own a home healthcare robot, while 29 percent anticipate purchasing one within two years.

3 Introduction
4 Research Methodology
5 Executive Summary
10 Robotic Smart Toys
13 Educational Robotics/Robotic Kits
17 Hobby Robots
20 Home Care/Lawn Care Robots
24 Personal Robots
28 Conclusion

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