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3D-Printed UAVs Complete Preliminary UK Trials
Project paves way for cheap, rapid manufacturing of disposable UAVs. Read more.
Cultural, legal, medical and technical challenges abound for Parker Hannifin and other exoskeleton manufacturers. View Parker Hannifin Moves Forward with Indego Exoskeleton

Escalator up to Ground Zero: RoboBusiness Europe
Day One: This could be the start of something big

Wynright Focused on Making Robots Less . . . Well, Robotic
Heuristics make all the difference

The Drone Debates: New Rules for a New Frontier
Are trillions of dollars at risk if the UAV industry fails to take off stateside?

$28M Contract Modification Goes to iRobot
The contract relates to procurement of Man Transportable Robotic System procurements and related products

France’s Robot Initiative Pledges $126.9M to Grow the Industry
Government initiative designed to close the competitive gap between France and other EU countries

MAKO Takes Stanmore Implants Out of Robotics Market
The competing technology was purchased for just under $1M

Robotics+Money+Applause=RoboBusiness Europe
Day Two: Who's got the money?

Honeybee Robotics Selected for 2 NASA SBIR Awards Totaling $250K
Awards will fund development of spacecraft systems for drilling, sampling from a variety of heavenly bodies

AeroVironment Lands $13.8 Million Army Contract
Third order received since May 2012 for total of $46.1 million against projected $65.5 million contract action

An American in Genoa: RoboBusiness Europe 2013
The long-awaited big bang in robotics might well be an all-EU event

Human Augmentation has Vast Commercial Potential
A head-to-toe look at today's exoskeletons

Wave Glider SV3 could be Amazon Web Services of the Open Ocean
Liquid Robotics' new glider more data savvy and power efficient

MAKO Wins Permanent Injunction Against Blue Belt Technologies
Former MAKO employee temporarily prohibited from joining Blue Belt

Researchers Diagnose Software Bugs in Surgical Robots
Applying a unique system modelling method reveals previously undetected design flaws

Robotic Awareness Turns Humans into Superheroes
Non-biological evolution is possible with human augmentics

3D-Printed UAVs Complete Preliminary UK Trials

Parker Hannifin Moves Forward with Indego Exoskeleton

Modular Robotics: A Scrappy Approach to Educational Robots

Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost

How Honeybee’s Unexpected Meeting with NASA Changed Everything