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U.S. Navy Testing Lockheed Martin Fortis Exoskeletons
Objective of partnership is to transition exoskeleton technology to the Department of Defense industrial base and test for industrial hand-tool applications at Navy shipyards. Read more.
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Robotics: Successfully Navigating the Insurance Minefield
Part II: Experts share tips and tactics for securing cost-effective coverage

RoadNarrows Announces ROS Support for its Hekateros Robotic Arms
Manipulators now compatible with Robot Operating System.

Catch Our Webcast: RBR Goes Live!
Join us as Robotics Business Review’s editors go behind the microphone

Northrop Grumman Delivers First MQ-8 Unmanned Fire Scout System
Upcoming tests will validate the system for use in maritime environments by 2014

Gaze-guided Wheelchair: Market-ready but Waiting!
Ready for commercialization, ingenious wheelchair seeks a go-to-market partner

Unlimited Liability: Autonomous Vehicles and the Insurance Biz
For driverless cars to take off, insurers have to get up to speed

Engaged Capital LLC Buys 5.1% Stake in AeroVironment Inc.
With a new investment comes the push for new products.

Are Robots Insurable? Surprising Answers
Part I: Securing effective insurance coverage can be an unpredictable process for robotics developers

Dutch Robotics: In Pursuit of Killer Apps
A focus on strong research foundations and implementation drives the next wave of robotics development in the Netherlands

Insurance Industry’s Take on Underwriting Robots
Surprising responses arise during investigation of robot insurers

The Race Is on to Peg the Best Driverless Car Investment
"Think big. Start small. Be fast," says Chunka Mui, author of Driverless Cars: Trillions Up For Grabs

Driverless Car Craze Calls for a Brake Check
Before buying into the hype, investors should stop to check the gas

iRobot Reports $30M U.S. Army Contract
New four-year agreement replaces expiring IDIQ

Grishin Robotics Invests $300K in “Robots in Space”
NanoSatisfi’s autonomous nanosatellites have garnered VC attention as a significant part of the robotics revolution.

QBotix Inc. Receives $5M in Funding, Releases New SolBot
QBotix Inc. gets quite the funding boost to branch out

Special Focus: Robots and the Law

Special Focus: 3D Printing
3D Printing

The new reality of customizable, one-off production:
Additive Manufacturing (AM). Where it’s going, why and what’s
driving its emergence.

Tomorrow’s Supply Chains Today

What’s Wrong with Supply Chains? Plenty!

Hurco Files Patent for Adapter that Turns CNC Machines into 3D Printers
More in 3D Printing

U.S. Navy Testing Lockheed Martin Fortis Exoskeletons

Game Changer Awards: Early Bird Deadline Approaching

Savioke SaviOne Robot Butler Debuts at California Hotel

Seegrid Shareholders Battle for Financial Future

How Robots Can Help Clean up Space Junk