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Six Values Re-writing Laws of Healthcare Robotics
Professor Tom Sorell spoke with Robotics Business Review about these six values and how roboticists can incorporate them into their designs. Read more.
Robotic Vision Technologies files for two new patents: a vision-based safety system and updates for its eVisionFactory software. View RVT Capitalizing on Robotic Vision Systems

Seaglider Attracts New Manufacturer
Kongsberg Underwater Technology expands with the addition of a new product

X-47B Launches the Next Era of Naval Aviation
Northrop Grumman's UAV proves its mettle aboard navy aircraft carrier

Me, a Roboticist…with a Little Help from My Friends
The odyssey of a young mind in search of a career. Any advice to share?

New Pittsburgh Accelerator Targets Robotics Startups
Alpha Lab Gear now accepting applications from entrepreneurs developing hardware, robots and other physical technologies

$10.7M Series A to Airware for Universal OS and Platform for Drones
Google invests in critical enabler for the use of drones for commercial enterprises

Multi-head Camera Patent for Seegrid
Patent solidifies company in the $38B material-handling forklift market

Brazil, iRobot & Terrorist Threats Equal $7.2M Robot Sale
On guard: Aftermath of the Boston Bombing rippling into events worldwide

iRobot Announces First RP-VITA Sales
Early interest indicates a promising future for remote presence technology in hospitals

Yaskawa Motoman Expands Medical Robot Offerings
The new MH3BM is built to cash in on a multi-billion dollar biomedical automation market

Hyundai Heavy Develops Mini Welding Robot
The 33-pound bot is designed to construct boats for the world-leading shipbuilder

Intuitive Announces Defect in Surgical Instrument
Under scrutiny by the FDA, the da Vinci surgical robot maker reveals its "cracks"

KUKA and Nolek Partner on Leak Detection Solution
Robots now available to operate Nolek's new SniffIT product

In-Depth Analysis
Exoskeletons: The Rise of the Wearable Robot Industry
Twenty-seven pounds of freedom, improved health…and a new industry to be worth $292M annually

First Contact: A Primer on Robots, the Law and Humans
Interdisciplinary first cut at some of the legal, social and technological issues

Nurse-friendly Robots More Effective at Delivering Care
Study shows robots need to be accepted by nurses before patients

Special Focus: Robots and the Law

Special Focus: 3D Printing
3D Printing

The new reality of customizable, one-off production:
Additive Manufacturing (AM). Where it’s going, why and what’s
driving its emergence.

Tomorrow’s Supply Chains Today

What’s Wrong with Supply Chains? Plenty!

Hurco Files Patent for Adapter that Turns CNC Machines into 3D Printers
More in 3D Printing

Six Values Re-writing Laws of Healthcare Robotics

RVT Capitalizing on Robotic Vision Systems

U.S. Navy Testing Lockheed Martin Fortis Exoskeletons

Game Changer Awards: Early Bird Deadline Approaching

Savioke SaviOne Robot Butler Debuts at California Hotel