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Healthcare Resource Center
Do Surgical Robots Need a Second Opinion?
Could a little preventive care save robotic surgery from unnecessary legal scrutiny? Read more.
Top 22 health care robotics companies,their technology and markets View Outlook for Health Care Robotics for 2013

Healthcare News
Yaskawa Motoman Expands Medical Robot Offerings
The new MH3BM is built to cash in on a multi-billion dollar biomedical automation market

Intuitive Announces Defect in Surgical Instrument
Under scrutiny by the FDA, the da Vinci surgical robot maker reveals its "cracks"

In-Depth Analysis
Exoskeletons: The Rise of the Wearable Robot Industry
Twenty-seven pounds of freedom, improved health…and a new industry to be worth $292M annually

Nurse-friendly Robots More Effective at Delivering Care
Study shows robots need to be accepted by nurses before patients

Hogan Departs ABB. Is the Acquisition Binge Over?
In five years, Hogan invested about $20B of ABB’s wealth in major deals

Ditch the Controller: The Future of Human-Machine Interaction
What robotics has to gain from remote sensing technology

In-Depth Analysis
The Technology that Could Save Robotic Surgery Millions
Software diagnostic research debugs robotic surgical systems

Health Robotics Reacts to Fresenius Kabi’s Attempt to Compete
Company held accountable for strategic acquisitions, removed from Health Robotics' supply chain

MAKO Takes Stanmore Implants Out of Robotics Market
The competing technology was purchased for just under $1M

An American in Genoa: RoboBusiness Europe 2013
The long-awaited big bang in robotics might well be an all-EU event

Human Augmentation has Vast Commercial Potential
A head-to-toe look at today's exoskeletons

MAKO Wins Permanent Injunction Against Blue Belt Technologies
Former MAKO employee temporarily prohibited from joining Blue Belt

Researchers Diagnose Software Bugs in Surgical Robots
Applying a unique system modelling method reveals previously undetected design flaws

Medrobotics Closes on $10M in Financing
Medrobotics Closes on $10M in Financing

The Sincerest Form of Flattery…
MAKO wages war with healthcare competitors

3D-Printed UAVs Complete Preliminary UK Trials

Parker Hannifin Moves Forward with Indego Exoskeleton

Modular Robotics: A Scrappy Approach to Educational Robots

Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost

How Honeybee’s Unexpected Meeting with NASA Changed Everything