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Industrial Automation Resource Center
Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost
EU researchers develop flexible learning system that allows factory robots to be easily trained by co-workers via an iPad app and simple gestures. Read more.
Universal Robots wins prestigious Game Changer Award for Human-Machine Interaction View Universal Robots wins Game Changer Award at RoboBusiness

Industrial Automation News
Without Robots, Welding Is in Trouble
Welding could well become the first human-robot trade cooperative

Materials Science Muscles into Robotics
Change in fundamentals of mechatronics to spur investment in vanadium

Rethink Robotics Refocuses, Downsizes
Market specialization results in 21 layoffs

KUKA Takes 51% of Reis Robotics with Option for 100%
KUKA Trio: Shanghai factory opens; sells 1,375 robots to China and concludes the Reis deal

Grenzebach Equity in Swisslog Now Tops 25%
Also owns 24.4% of KUKA

Yum, Google Gobbles Up yet Another
Boston Dynamics becomes the eighth entrée in the quest for GoogleBots

KUKA Embraces New Shanghai Factory, Chinese Market
KUKA’s week is looking good with a new factory and orders on the rise

Samsung Factory Turns to RoboCV Autonomous Vehicles
Six vehicles move fully autonomously and are integrated into the intra-logistics processes of the factory.

Advanced Manufacturing with GE’s Canadian Robots
Integrating new robotics automation technologies into GE’s supply chains

And Now for Something Completely Different: GoogleBots!
The world of robotics just got put on notice: watch out, the gorilla has arrived

Shanghai Express: China’s Robot Metropolis 2014-2020
The world’s second-largest economy could well miss out on its own coming boom in robotics

ABB Integrated Vision More Reliable, Faster to Set Up
New application integrates with ABB RobotStudio to improve robotic vision

Beyond Modest Improvements to Fundamental New Solutions
For one, arms performing synchronized and coordinated movements

Bot & Dolly Fuses 3D Animation and Industrial Automation
BDMove software makes its mark on next-age filmmaking

Major Law Firm Debuts Robotics Practice Group
Littler pioneers legal and regulatory frontier of robotics with first-ever robotics group

3D-Printed UAVs Complete Preliminary UK Trials

Parker Hannifin Moves Forward with Indego Exoskeleton

Modular Robotics: A Scrappy Approach to Educational Robots

Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost

How Honeybee’s Unexpected Meeting with NASA Changed Everything