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Industrial Automation Resource Center
Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost
EU researchers develop flexible learning system that allows factory robots to be easily trained by co-workers via an iPad app and simple gestures. Read more.
Universal Robots wins prestigious Game Changer Award for Human-Machine Interaction View Universal Robots wins Game Changer Award at RoboBusiness

Industrial Automation News
Solarbrush Mobile Robot Fights Global Warming
Large-scale desert solar installations get the polish they need to remain productive

FANUC Named a Top Innovator by Forbes
FANUC Corporation has been named the 26th most innovative company in the world

Epson to Unveil New Autonomous Dual-Arm Robot
Robots that see, sense, think, and react to find expanded use in production environments

Cyberdyne Debuts Industrial Cleaning Robot at IREX 2013
The yet-unnamed cleaner stirs up interest on the expo floor

Rethink Inks Distribution Deal with Nihon Binary

IFR Elects Arturo Baroncelli as New President
Dr. Shinsuke Sakakibara has stepped down from the position after a two-year term

Automation and Robotics: 2014-2018
The near-term future of robotics research, business and investment 2014-2018

Be Fruitful, Go Forth and Multiply…the Willow Way
Steve Cousins, last to leave the ark, begets yet another Willow Garage progeny: Savioke

Rethink Discloses $11.5M in New Funding
Funding led by Two Sigma Ventures, a division of Two Sigma Investments

Robot Colleague Boosts the Bottom Line
Universal Robots integrates with Danish metalworking company Stantræk, proves a good investment

China’s New Wave of Industrial Robots: 2014-2016
Automating the electronics supply chain with $10K robots

Universal Robots wins Game Changer Award at RoboBusiness
Universal Robots wins prestigious Game Changer Award for Human-Machine Interaction

The Essential Interview: When Bill Townsend Met Burton Doo
The travails of Barrett Technology "in a field that never existed before"

Re-energizing Manufacturing Down Under with Robotics
National science agency entrusted to preserve "Australian Made"

SMBs Switch Over Production to Robots…in a Day!
Factory-in-a-Day Project seen as antidote to robot automation resistance

Parker Hannifin Moves Forward with Indego Exoskeleton

Modular Robotics: A Scrappy Approach to Educational Robots

Factory Robots Get STAMINA Boost

How Honeybee’s Unexpected Meeting with NASA Changed Everything

Is Robotic Milking a Viable Option for Farmers?