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Agritechnique UGEVs Adapt to Emergency Situations
The patent-pending unmanned ground engineering vehicle (UGEV) comes in four versions. Read more.
Google's HRP-2 Schaft robot easily won the qualifying round and was the frontrunner to win the $2 million competition. View Google Pulls Out of DARPA Robotics Challenge

Military & Defense News
AI Research Translates Into International ‘Soft Power’
Nations pursue artificial intelligence differently for influence, security, and competitiveness.

AI Competition Seen as Key to National Security
Different countries are investing in artificial intelligence for different reasons and in different ways.

Google Parent Alphabet Demoes New Biped Robot
Possibly named 'Rob870,' the robot shows Google's continued interest in humanoid designs.

Geopolitics Guides Military Robotics Race
Global military spending on robotics and autonomous systems is climbing, as applications diversify and geopolitical concerns mount.

India’s Military Robotics Ambitions to Affect Global Partners
Robotics vendors and strategists should understand India's expectations and requirements.

Japan Sets Its Sights on Commercial UAVs at Drone Expo 2016
A variety of unmanned aerial vehicles were demonstrated for telecommunications, infrastructure maintenance, and security.

Google, Boston Dynamics Part Ways: 5 Takeaways
Atlas and Big Dog were popular, but not profitable or team players, according to Alphabet.

Robotics in India Starts Small but Is Growing Fast
Research-rich schools and innovative startups promise a bright future for the country's robotics industry.

Hydroid Launches Next-Gen REMUS 100 AUV
Undersea drones updated in response to marine research, defense, and energy users.

American Drone Expert Heads to Denmark to Advance UAS Technology
Brad Beach cites local expertise and growing EU interest, will speak at RoboBusiness Europe.

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Robotics?
The presidential race is an opportunity for voters to reassess U.S. technology policy.

General Dynamics Buys UUV Maker Bluefin Robotics
Defense contractors had already worked together on the Bluefin-21 and Knifefish underwater drones.

WPI Makes Firefighting Robot Nimble for the Navy
Researchers win grant for autonomous motion-planning algorithms.

iRobot Divests From Defense Business for $45M
After a strong Q4, Roomba maker makes sale to Arlington Capital Partners.

Five Robotics Predictions for 2016
Our robotics future is here, but which areas will benefit most from new technology?

Special Focus: Robots and the Law

Special Focus: 3D Printing
3D Printing

The new reality of customizable, one-off production:
Additive Manufacturing (AM). Where it’s going, why and what’s
driving its emergence.

How Patents Die: Expiring 3D Printing Patents

Autonomous Marine Systems Raises Seed Funding

3D Printing Begins to Come of Age…Finally!
More in 3D Printing

Robotics Takeways From CES 2016

Chinese Firms Invest $20M in Israeli Robotics R&D

RoboBusiness Europe Is Reborn in Denmark

In Their Own Words: 10 Women Talk About the Future of Robotics

Is Robotic Welding ‘Inevitable’?