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Latest News & Analysis

Intel Drones Light Up Xponential, Show Industry Shift

Intel Drones Light Up Xponential, Show Industry Shift

Commercial uses of UAVs and other autonomous systems will generate a lot of data, noted Intel executiv...

Global AI Race Stretches From Norway to Vegas

Global AI, Robotics Race Stretches From Norway to Thailand

The global AI and robotics race continues to heat up, as Chinese children grow up alongside robots, No...

FAULHABER Adds 1727 DC Motor to CXR Series

FAULHABER recently expanded its medium power range drives with the 1727 DC motor for the CXR series. These motors have an attractive price/performance ratio and are suitable for dental devices and robotics.

European Drones Monitor Migrants as Policies Firm Up

Unmanned and autonomous systems have played a key role in monitoring recent migration into Europe. Thanks to emerging regulations, European drones could soon perform a wider range of functions than ensuring security.

Agriculture Automation Needs Economic Incentives to Grow, Says U.K. Expert

Precision agriculture is one of the keys to feeding the world’s still-growing population, but stakeholders must understand the economics driving agriculture automation, explains U.K. expert Simon Blackmore.

Cloud Robotics Promises to Simplify Machine Tending

Cloud robotics brings the power of cloud computing to management of industrial automation, particularly machine tending. This technology is evolving along with IoT and AI, and is working with major collaborative robot vendors.

On the Efficiency of Drive Components

There is often the questions about which motor shows the highest efficiency. In particular when talking about applications with limited power supply, such as a battery driven tool or a solar panel powered satellite. I believe it’s worth expanding the question to the components of the full drive system consisting of controller, motor, gearhead and […]

9 Robotic Adoption Considerations for Welding Operations

Understanding the benefits of automating a welding process  is easy for most end users – greater efficiency, greater precision which results in a better looking and stronger weld. Although manufacturers understand the benefits, what is sometimes not understood is the difference between a part that is good for automation from one that is not. Manufacturers […]

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Robot-assisted surgery RBR Top 10

Robot-Assisted Surgery Providers Make First RBR Top 10 List

The first RBR Top 10 breakout of 2017 looks at the growing robot-assisted surgery market. As global demand grows and the technology widens applications, surgical robotics providers must overcome cost concerns to enable adoption.

Next-Gen Actuator Versatility Could Trigger Mass Robotics Adoption

Triggering Mass Robotic Adoption Through Next-Gen Actuator Versatility

In this report, we look at how the fragmented robotics market could benefit from the actuator versatility of Genesis Robotics' new LiveDrive.

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 list names robotics industry leaders, including creators of innovative applications, commercially successful giants, and well-known -- and not so well-known -- influencers. What does it take to be such a leader? Hard work, good timing, a...

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