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Latest News & Analysis

New Robot Applications Get Spotlight at iRex 2017 in Tokyo

New Robot Applications Get Spotlight at iRex 2017

Our columnist brings his international perspective to the latest robot applications shown at iRex 2017...

Investing in Robotics

Robot Investments Weekly: 8 Companies Raise $90M

Welcome to “Robot Investments Weekly,” a new feature on Robotics Business Review that every Friday rec...

IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Names Top 2 Entries So Far

The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE has named has named the top 10 and top two teams so far in its four-year competition, which is intended to encourage R&D to apply artificial intelligence to social problems.

FORPHEUS AI Ping-Pong Robot Coaches Humans at CES 2018

Omron will be making its first appearance at CES 2018 and will be bringing its FORPHEUS table-tennis training robot. In addition, check out the AI conference within the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Fetch Robotics Raises $25M for Mobile Robots, Fleet Management

Fetch Robotics, which provides mobile and pick-and-place robots for supply chain operations, has raised funds for expansion. The company has also developed its FetchCore fleet management platform.

4 Ways Deep Learning Optimizes Factory Automation

Factory robots are about to get even smarter. Japanese robot makers, which account for 52% of global supply, are pushing further into artificial intelligence and deep learning so that smart machines can work faster and with greater flexibility amid a shrinking workforce. Deep learning systems can recognize objects in messy, real-world situations and they’re expected […]

Surgical Automation Gets More Precise Vision, Thanks to Multiple Data Sources

Surgical automation is a growing and profitable area of robotics, but it has limits based on anatomy and space. Innovations such as surgical depth imaging and machine vision improvements could allow for more complex operations.

Japan Hopes to Spark Robot Revolution at iREX 2017

Humanoids mixed with industrial robots as Japan kicked off its biennial International Robot Exhibition (iREX) 2017 in Tokyo on Wednesday, featuring cutting-edge smart machines for the workplace and beyond amid Japan’s aging population and shrinking labor pool. Like many trade shows, iREX can be seen as a barometer of economic health. The 2017 edition is […]

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Robot-assisted surgery RBR Top 10

Robot-Assisted Surgery Providers Make First RBR Top 10 List

The first RBR Top 10 breakout of 2017 looks at the growing robot-assisted surgery market. As global demand grows and the technology widens applications, surgical robotics providers must overcome cost concerns to enable adoption.

Next-Gen Actuator Versatility Could Trigger Mass Robotics Adoption

Triggering Mass Robotic Adoption Through Next-Gen Actuator Versatility

In this report, we look at how the fragmented robotics market could benefit from the actuator versatility of Genesis Robotics' new LiveDrive.

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 list names robotics industry leaders, including creators of innovative applications, commercially successful giants, and well-known -- and not so well-known -- influencers. What does it take to be such a leader? Hard work, good timing, a...

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