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Security Challenges From Robots Include Ukraine War Machines, Google Home Mini

Security Challenges From Robots Include Ukraine War Machines, Google Home Mini

Security challenges facing automation include Google Home Mini and privacy, DJI's new local data mode,...

How Are Arctic Drones Shaping Regional Competition?

The stage is set for a new era of international competition in the Arctic. As the ice melts, drones ar...

Love Writing About AI & Robotics? RBR is Hiring!

Robotics Business Review (RBR), the most trusted resource for news and analysis of the global robotics industry, is growing and looking to add to its stable of analysts, writers and industry experts. RBR freelancers will contribute analysis, case studies, columns, industry news, and research reports that will help our global audience of robotics developers and end users stay […]

Veo Robotics Raises $12M for Intelligent Industrial Robots

Veo Robotics, which has developed human-aware systems for industrial automation, has raised Series A funding. Its founders include veterans from other robotics companies, including iRobot, Harvest Automation, and Rethink Robotics.

Robots in Retail Remains Fellow Robots’ Focus

Robots in retail are expected to grow in number within the next few years, helping with inventory, pricing, and customer service. At RoboBusiness 2017, we talked with the CEO and co-founder of Fellow Robots on his company and the market opportunity.

Robot Components Lead Industry Into the Future at RoboBusiness 2017

In this video interview from RoboBusiness 2017, Harmonic Drive CEO Doug Olson discusses the growth of the industry and how precision robot components are enabling a wider range of applications.

Robot Experience the Future of Business, According to Disney

At RoboBusiness 2017, Disney’s executive R&D imagineer gave a glimpse at his company’s latest humanoid robots. He also provided lessons for companies on how to employees and customers can benefit from the AI and robot experience.

Precision Drive Systems Are Extraordinarily Commonplace

Although we rarely notice them, electrical precision drive systems are everywhere around us — at home, on our commute, at work, and even when we grab a kebab for lunch.

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Robot-assisted surgery RBR Top 10

Robot-Assisted Surgery Providers Make First RBR Top 10 List

The first RBR Top 10 breakout of 2017 looks at the growing robot-assisted surgery market. As global demand grows and the technology widens applications, surgical robotics providers must overcome cost concerns to enable adoption.

Next-Gen Actuator Versatility Could Trigger Mass Robotics Adoption

Triggering Mass Robotic Adoption Through Next-Gen Actuator Versatility

In this report, we look at how the fragmented robotics market could benefit from the actuator versatility of Genesis Robotics' new LiveDrive.

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 list names robotics industry leaders, including creators of innovative applications, commercially successful giants, and well-known -- and not so well-known -- influencers. What does it take to be such a leader? Hard work, good timing, a...

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