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Latest News & Analysis

Job Fears Prompt Teamsters to Take on Self-Driving Trucks; Russia Touts AI Missiles

Job Fears Prompt Teamsters to Take on Self-Driving Trucks; Russia Touts AI Missiles

Job fears are affecting government policies in the U.S., South Korea, and elsewhere, but will new regu...

Geopolitical Expert and Author Looks to the Future of Robotics

Geopolitical Expert and Author Looks to the Future of Robotics

Author Abishur Prakash talks about the geopolitical ramifications of robotics and AI. Government choic...

ST Engineering Expands Robotics Portfolio by Acquiring Aethon

Singapore-based ST Engineering has acquired Pittsburgh-based Aethon, which makes mobile robots for materials handling in warehouses, hospitals, and more.

Agriculture Robots: Four Global Trends to Watch

Mechanization is a longtime trend in farming, but the latest developments in agriculture robots and drones are happening quickly. Are you ready to examine your farm processes for greater productivity?

Why Pittsburgh Is Ideal for Robotics Businesses

Why is Pittsburgh one of the biggest robotics hubs in the U.S.? It’s thanks to a combination of strong educational institutions such as CMU, manufacturing expertise, and industry partnerships, writes one RoboBusiness 2017 speaker.

Disney Executive Imagineer to Deliver RoboBusiness Opening Keynote

Martin Buehler, executive R&D imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, has years of experience across the robotics industry, from healthcare to delivery systems. He’ll share his insights at this September’s RoboBusiness in Santa Clara, Calif.

Fixed-Wing VTOL Utility Drone From ULC Takes Flight

ULC Robotics has announced its new fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle, which has vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL, capability. The drone can help utility companies with infrastructure inspections and reduce the need for expensive and dangerous helicopter inspections.

RoboBusiness Speaker Georg Stieler Discusses Industrial Automation, Global Robotics Industry

Georg Stieler, RoboBusiness speaker, researcher, and consultant for global robotics companies, shares his thoughts on the industrial use of robotics and AI.

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Robot-assisted surgery RBR Top 10

Robot-Assisted Surgery Providers Make First RBR Top 10 List

The first RBR Top 10 breakout of 2017 looks at the growing robot-assisted surgery market. As global demand grows and the technology widens applications, surgical robotics providers must overcome cost concerns to enable adoption.

Next-Gen Actuator Versatility Could Trigger Mass Robotics Adoption

Triggering Mass Robotic Adoption Through Next-Gen Actuator Versatility

In this report, we look at how the fragmented robotics market could benefit from the actuator versatility of Genesis Robotics' new LiveDrive.

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 list names robotics industry leaders, including creators of innovative applications, commercially successful giants, and well-known -- and not so well-known -- influencers. What does it take to be such a leader? Hard work, good timing, a...

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