Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Heartland Robotics has received two investments for a total of $12 million since 2008, but little is known of the company's product plans. Robotics Business Review speculates and offers insights into potential opportunities in industrial robotics.

iRobot Upholds Its Youthful Principals

Many companies founded in the previous century have provided for the good of the community, but not before they were established and profitable. And, no company considered community outreach its "mission." Instead, the mission of each was to drive revenue,...

Mobile Robot Power Solutions: Drivers for Development

Once cell phones became small enough to easily fit into a pocket, the market for them exploded. One key enabler was battery technology, which will also play a critical role in the growth of the mobile robotics market. The demand...