New Lease for Seegrid Signals Plans for Growth

Seegrid Corp. has signed a lease for 30,150 square feet of additional space at an industrial park located near Pittsburgh International Airport (“Seegrid Gets Spot in Ex-Airline Facilities“). The privately held Seegrid ( is a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) spin-off...

Green is the Color of Money, So Get Over It

Kiva Systems has added another notch to its belt with the announcement that the home furnishings retailer Crate and Barrel had selected the Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System (Kiva MFS) to automate its Tracy, Calif., distribution complex. At first the announcement...

Opportunities in Autonomy

The addition of autonomous behavior to robotic systems presents opportunities for solution providers and investors serving many different markets

Vecna Throws Hat into Robotics Ring

Vecna has made inroads into the defense robotics market, but its QC Bot hospital courier and a repurposed medical version of its BEAR battlefield extraction and rescue robot have the best chance for commercial success in the near term.

Baby Boomers’ Surprising Influence on Emerging Technologies

I recently came across a study dated October 2009, co-developed by Microsoft and AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons), that has implications for the consumer robotics industry as well as the medical robotics market. The study,...

Energid’s Actin Finding Wide Use

Energid Technologies Corp., a small and relatively young company, is well known to the robotics community, having partnered with a large number of commercial and academic entities on a wide variety of projects

Trossen Launches Toy Robotics Site

Trossen Robotics announced a new site dedicated to robotics toys. The company addresses the common problem of robotics product fragmentation, as well as a lack of support services. For example, the various toys are categorized by type, price, complexity, and...

Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Why Surgical Robotics Is Unstoppable

Studies focused on the medical benefits of robotically assisted surgery abound. The sheer number of such articles, as well as the benefits that these studies highlight and quantify, portend a strong and growing market. However, other indicators, equally valid, also...

Robotic Smart Toys Require an Online Presence

Two recent announcements of new robotic smart toys from Innovation First and Robonica serve to illustrate an important trend in the robotic smart toy market–the creation of an online presence for the toys. While much of the content in Robotics...