Simplifying Robotics Control with Player

If you asked for a single metric that demonstrated the relatively immature state of robotics development, you could do no worse than the use of middleware. Middleware is software that provides abstracted translation, integration, interoperability, and brokering services between applications,...

Contineo Robotics Launches

A new player in the robotics industry, Oklahoma City-based Contineo Robotics LLC launched March 16, 2010 ( Contineo (Latin for “grasp”) describes itself as a research and development company focused on commercializing advanced dexterous manipulation technology solutions for the first-responder...

Mint Does Floors

Mint Does Floors

Evolution Robotics eschews the label 'robot' but leverages its core robotics technologies to produce Mint, a simple, capable floor cleaner.

Astrobotic’s Bid for the Moon

Astrobotic’s Bid for the Moon

The business plans for this commercial robotic services company are formalized and not contingent on winning Google's Lunar X Prize.

Whither Braintech?

A Form 8-K U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing on May 4, 2010 by Braintech, Inc. (OTC BB: BRHI) leaves doubts as to whether the company can function as a going concern. The maker of software for vision-guided robotic...

Sanswire’s Compelling, Clouded Vision

Travails of airship developer Sanswire illustrate the potential and the pitfalls of the nascent, lighter-than-air, persistent surveillance platform market.

InTouch Health Positions Itself for Public Offering

InTouch Health, a developer of technologies that enable physicians to remotely perform real-time consults and diagnosis with hospital patients, recently raised $10 million in a private placement. $6 million of the funding came through Beringea, Michigan’s largest venture capital firm,...

Demographic Trends Trump Quarter-to-Quarter Noise for MAKO Surgical

On May 6, MAKO Surgical (NASDAQ: MAKO) reported its Q1 2010 operating results. The provider of robotic surgical platforms and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) implants announced that first quarter revenue totaled $7.2 million, a 94 percent increase over the same...