all Acquired by RobotShop

RobotShop Distribution inc., a source for personal and professional robot technology, has acquired the popular amateur robotics website

Bina48 and the Uncanny Grand Canyon

A New York Times article entitled “Making Friends with a Robot Named Bina48” has lit up the blogosphere, even to the point where I received emails from friends and associates who are not in the robotics business. Bina48 is an...

Stroke Rehabilitation Market Fuels Continued Funding of Tibion

In March, I reported on a number of Boston-area robotics companies that had been recently funded by venture capitalists groups. I am happy to report that the good news continues on the robotics investment front. On July 14th, VentureBeat noted...

Aethon Automates Hospital Logistics

With little direct competition and the backing of the Bosch Group, the automated developer of healthcare facility delivery systems looks to expand business.

Bossa Nova Innovates Its Way to Success

The path to commercial productization for the smart toy market has not been an easy one for Bossa Nova Robotics, a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute spin-off based in Pittsburgh.