WowWee Returns to, Departs from Its Roots

WowWee, the Montreal-/Hong Kong-based creator of the popular Robosapien robot smart toy (more than 6 million sold), has been unusually quiet even for a company that only sends out a few press releases per year. Speculation that the company was...

Cogmation Fills the Simulation Gap

Software from Cogmation Robotics complements existing development toolsets from Microsoft, National Instruments, and others, providing much needed support for easy, dynamic 3D simulations of robotics systems.

TYZX Solidifies Position in 3D Visualization Market

TYZX (pronounced tizics) began in 2001 as an initiative by Interval Research, a private think tank founded by two computer industry stars, David Liddle and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Menlo Park, Calif.-based TYZX Inc. describes itself as a 3D vision...