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2019 RBR50 is now open!

The 6th annual RBR50 is now open for nominations. We are looking for robotics businesses that make truly innovative products, have achieved commercial success, and have transformed their vertical markets. This year we are teaming up with IDC to select the 2019 RBR50!


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Benefits of Winning:

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Benefits of Entering:

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Nomination Criteria & Categories:

  • Manufacturing – In addition to traditional industrial automation robotics companies, this space also includes collaborative robots and additive manufacturing (3D printing) businesses aiming to help companies produce goods in a more efficient manner.
  • Supply chain/logistics – Continuing to be the fastest growing area of robotics, companies in this space provide autonomous mobile robots, manipulators for pick-and-place operations, and last-mile solutions for companies looking to speed deliveries to customers.
  • Components – You can’t have a robot without the building blocks. Companies in this space are providing other robot companies with the best actuators, controls, grippers, processors, sensors, and motors.
  • Autonomous vehicles – In addition to self-driving cars, this category includes commercial aerial drones, marine systems, and unmanned ground vehicles serving multiple markets. Companies in this space should have a clear business application or commercial market that they’re serving with their product.
  • Artificial intelligence – The broadest category for sure, the AI space includes cloud robotics, deep learning, Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning, and other software that is applied to industrial infrastructure and robotics to make systems smarter.
  • Emerging markets – New for 2019, we are considering submissions for vertical markets not covered in the previous category, including agriculture, construction, oil & gas, mining, retail, and healthcare. Let us know why you deserve to be considered!

Deadline: April 19th, 2019

Nominate Today!


The RBR50 Team: