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What's Next for Robotics & Automation

Portents & Predictions for 2022


Nominations Open for the 2022 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards

Robotics Webinar

Mobile Robot Fleets: Deployment, Management, Scaling & Optimization

Webinar Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Voyant Photonics

Voyant Photonics Secures $15.4M for Novel, Chip-Scale, LiDAR Solution for 3D Machine Perception

Robotics Podcast

The Leading Robotics and Automation Stories, Trends and Milestones of 2021

Touch Sensors

Cobot Tactile Sensing Provides Technical Advantages

...and Confers Business Benefits


AMR Provider ForwardX Robotics Lands $31M Series C

Brings Total Investments to $110M

Robotics Podcast

Reinvest Robotics' Esben Østergaard on the EU's New Rules for Artificial Intelligence

and More!

German Bionic

German Bionic – Start-Up Profile

'Connected’ Industrial Exo Improves Operational Efficiency & Workplace Safety