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Latest News & Analysis

Pick and Place Robot Ready as RightHand Raises $8M

Pick and Place Robot Ready as RightHand Robotics Raises $8M

Pick and place for e-commerce order fulfillment has a new option, with RightHand Robotics' RightPick s...

Danish robot Ragnar and Blue Workforce founder Preben Hjornet

Danish Robot Company Blue Workforce Expands in Asia

Blue Workforce A/S has partnered with a Chinese investor to set up a unit in Hong Kong and expand its ...

Global Robotics Developments Include Big Buses and Tiny Drones

There are more global robotics developments ever week than any single person can keep track of. Fortunately, RBR and columnist Abishur Prakash have rounded up some of the recent news for you.

AI Rules Are Necessary, Say European Regulators

AI rules will be needed to standardize safeguards and liability, just as global regulations have developed for drones and self-driving cars. Even if sentient robots won’t be around anytime soon, policy makers need to consider human-robot interactions.

Europe Tries to Get Ahead on Robot Rules and Taxes

The EU legal affairs committee has proposed new robot rules around the legal status and safe operation of autonomous machines. Why Europe, and why now?

The Biggest Robotics Acquisitions and Deals of 2016 Reveal Industry Ambitions

The biggest robotics acquisitions and funding of the past year added several deals to the billion-dollar-and-up club. Don’t mistake that for a mature robotics industry, though.

5 Geopolitical Flashpoints That Could Affect Military Automation

Is geopolitical instability the new norm? Uncertainty is generally bad for business, but military automation stands to benefit from intensifying conflict in certain parts of the world.

Connected Cars Yield Useful Data for Analysis Through Xevo

Connected cars using Xevo’s systems can not only communicate with one another, but they can also provide data to vehicle manufacturers, gather information on road conditions, and give drivers and fleet managers useful insights in real time.

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The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators

The 2017 RBR50 list names robotics industry leaders, including creators of innovative applications, commercially successful giants, and well-known -- and not so well-known -- influencers. What does it take to be such a leader? Hard work, good timing, a...

The Trump Administration and Robotics: Initial Analysis

The Trump Administration and Robotics: Our Initial Analysis

Last night, President Donald Trump reiterated many of his campaign promises in his first formal address to the U.S. Congress. He promised to protect U.S. manufacturing, make a “big, big” corporate tax cut, and spend up to $1 trillion on inf...

Pepper robots for hire in Japan

Robots for Hire: Optimizing Business Needs vs. Risk

Join us for the first in a series of webcasts focused on the topic of robots as a service (RaaS)! Industrial automation is evolving faster than ever, and RaaS is becoming the go-to business model for many robotics companies. Historically, manufacturers...

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