October 01, 2013      

Answering the many requests for an x-by-wire platform that can be expanded for a variety of robotic applications, the Forge product enables developers and end users to buy and sell hardware and software application packages for unmanned industrial, military, and commercial use.

Forge utilizes a skid steer base platform, allowing access to a myriad of attachments that can be controlled robotically. Tasks such as mowing trenching, painting, sweeping, snow removal, pallet handling, and more, can now become robotic tasks. Configurable hardware components allow users to operate Forge by remote control, teleoperation, or by full autonomy.

For fully autonomous operations, users may use ASI’s standard command and control software solution, Mobius, or develop their own control software. By using Mobius, operators immediately have advanced safety systems and multi-vehicle choreography at their fingertips as well as more than 12 years of robotic experience across multiple industries. Forge is capable of integrating a variety of safety sensors for obstacle detection and avoidance functionality.

The platform-based approach opens Forge to both users and developers. The Forge API enables robotic developers to generate their own applications in the programming language they are most comfortable with, and then connect with Forge to begin work. The Forge marketplace will allow users to shop for robotic apps and developers to upload and sell their creations.