September 30, 2014      

Smart. At Harvest, we use an approach called Behavior-Based Robotics. Our intelligent, adaptive approach to automation provides a scalable and robust system architecture for robots to work in even the most challenging environments. Harvest’s platform responds immediately to changes in the work environment, intelligently accounts for imperfect sensory data and requires little set-up and programming.

Harvest robots, in addition to performing work, are efficiently collecting information that can be used for analysis and production planning. Future products will include sensing and image capture technologies that will allow for scalable data gathering. Practical. Harvest robots are small, safe and flexible. They have been designed to not only navigate within current infrastructure, but also to change and manipulate their environment.

Harvest robots have automated loading and unloading capability allowing users to de-couple the robots from people. Our systems are not simply tugs. These are sophisticated mobile vehicles that can pick things up and put things down, autonomously. Harvest robots are practical for customer to use: easy to program, flexible and easy to deploy. There is very little need to change existing infrastructure or workflows.

Our systems are practical in that customers can choose to scale the number of robots deployed to match work needed to be done. Sustainable. Harvest robots are designed to work alongside people. We believe the highest value can often be derived by smartly dividing the work. Humans will perform some tasks, robots will perform others. Harvest robots are small and safe, have the ability to see obstacles and navigate accordingly. Harvest robots are designed to collect, track and communicate information so that owners can effectively record and plan work.

Harvest robots are helping our customers solve the problems associated with the uncertainty of a workforce (availability, cost, overhead, etc.) Robots are deployed so that there is consistent and predictable quality and throughput at the beginning and end of each shift.

Download this spec sheet to learn more about Harvest Automation’s HV-100.