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AI, Robots, and Smart Cities to Get Spotlight at NVIDIA’s GTC 2018

Jensen Huang's keynote at GTC China last fall. Credit: NVIDIA

March 23, 2018      

At NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) next week in Silicon Valley, attendees will have a chance to learn all about the latest developments in AI and deep learning across a variety of industries.

NVIDIA said it expects close to 9,000 attendees and will have more than 900 sessions and more than 150 exhibitors. This includes major AI players such as Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, IBM, and more.

Autonomous machines and smart cities are a few of the highlighted technologies.

Autonomous machines get smarter

In the realm of Autonomous Machines, NVIDIA will have more than 50 sessions on robotics, aerial drones, and other unmanned systems.

Speakers in this track include Pieter Abbeel of Berkeley, OpenAI, and Gradescope; Morgan Quigley, chief architect and founder of Open Robotics; and Jesse Clayton, senior manager of product management for autonomous machines at NVIDIA (and a speaker at last year’s RoboBusiness conference).

In GTC’s exhibition hall, there will be robots from Veo Robotics, IAM Robotics, and others that show how improving perception and AI can enable collaborative and mobile picking applications.

Other robots in the hall will include a manufacturing inspection robot from FANUC, delivery robots, and other machines focused on areas such as construction, service, and supply chain.

In addition, there will also be a variety of workshops and hands-on labs. Udacity will run a workshop on how developers can use NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2 module to apply reinforcement learning to robots.

Hands-on labs range from beginner to advanced robotics courses, including a Jetson 101 course on “Deep Learning Workflow with DIGITS and TensorRT” and “Deep Reinforcement Learning in Robotics.”

Smart cities promise efficiency, safety

NVIDIA’s Metropolis is the company’s edge-to-cloud platform for intelligent video analytics. There are nearly 100 partners already using these AI technologies.

GTC’s Intelligent Video Analytics and Smart Cities activities include more than 40 sessions. These speakers include Andrew Herson, head of computer vision products at Verizon; Bob Iannucci, director at Carnegie Mellon University; and Alexander Khanin, CEO of VisionLabs.

Other sessions will cover solutions such as smart parking, fleet safety, traffic analysis, and more.

In the smart cities section of the NVIDIA booth, Verizon will be showing its intelligent street lights, and Irvine Sensors will show how it’s helping California BART stations operate more efficiently. In addition, BriefCam will show how it’s providing traffic management, retail analytics, and business intelligence to create smarter and safer cities.

Hands-on labs include “Deployment for Intelligent Video Analytics Using TensorRT” and “Object Tracking for Large-Scale Full-Motion Video.”

Visit the GTC site to register for the show and save 20% off regular rates by using the code: CMRBR.