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Adept’s Robot Tandem Co-stars in New Packing Role
Adept Quattro
Stationary and mobile: paired robot-to-robot interaction on display at AUTOMATICA 2012
By RBR Staff

The Adept Quattro stationary robot, in close company with Adept’s Courier mobile robot, were on display working together at AUTOMATICA 2012.

The Quattro’s four-arm design, advanced control algorithms, and large work envelope make the overhead-mount robot operate well for smooth-motion, high-throughput applications.The Adept Courier intelligent mobile transporter combines a high payload autonomous platform with an onboard controller and software for map generation and vehicle guidance. Material transports are initiated from a wireless call box located at operator stations and dispatched using pre-programmed destination buttons located on the vehicle.

Working together, the Quattro and Courier exhibit a future look into robot-to-robot cooperation. The accompanying video shows that cooperation in action.

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