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Center for Defense Robotics Awards Federally-Funded Robotics Technology Development Projects
NCDR doubled number of and tripled value of projects it funded in FY 2005; Four projects involved teaming PA-based companies and/or universities with entities outside PA
By RBR Staff

The National Center for Defense Robotics (NCDR), an initiative of The Technology Collaborative, today announced that during the Federal Government Fiscal Year 2006 (GFY06) ending September 30, 2006, it was awarded a total of 15 task orders totaling $5.065 million and in turn awarded 14 robotics technology development project sub- contracts totaling $4.335 million to 13 companies and universities, including eight based in Pennsylvania and five based outside the state. This represents a substantial increase over the $1.3 million awarded to the NCDR and six tasks totaling $685,000 in turn awarded by the NCDR to its sub-contractors in GFY05 (ending 9/30/05).

“The NCDR made great progress in the past year and has now completed the transition…

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