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Robot Waiters: No Tipping, Please
Robo-waiter Bangkok, Thailand
Although not quite ready for prime time, robo-waiters are on the rise in Asian restaurants and showing an upside for commercialization.
By Linda Rosencrance

More restaurant meals are served in Asia than in any other place on Earth. It seems reasonable then—with a collective 4-billion mouths to feed—that a few enterprising restaurateurs might chance to introduce robots into their food service functions. Huge potential awaits the right bot with the right table skills to make it big in the world’s biggest food service market. 

Waiter, oh waiter

If you’ve ever traveled to Japan, China, Thailand, Korea or Vietnam in the past several years or so and eaten in certain restaurants, you may have been a bit surprised to see your food being delivered by a robot rather than a human.

In an industry where owners often compete for workers and continuously try to find ways to…

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