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Robotic Lab Technician Melds Precision and Programmability
Mahoro handles biohazards so humans won't have to
By Casey Nobile

The laboratory robot, co-developed in Japan by the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) and Yaskawa, is distinctive as much for his efficiency and versatility as his unique programmability.

Referred to as a general-purpose robot, Mahoro was designed to perform the repetitive tasks, such as dispensing and culturing, necessary in clinical tests with more accuracy than human technicians. When tested against veteran lab workers, the robot completed given tasks with better results and in half the time it took his human counterparts.

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About the author

Casey Nobile is the lead editor for Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 news, editorial and business segment. She is also contributing writer and editor for the publication’s News & Technology columns with special emphasis on breaking news coverage for science, technology and financial transactions. Casey is also editor and contributor for other in-house publications: Robotics Trends; RoboBusiness and RoboBusiness exhibit services.

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