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Simplifying Robotics Control with Player
Player, middleware that frees the developer from low-level programming, is the closest “standard” tool used by the robotics community for hardware integration and device control. Want to learn more? Attend the “Playing with Player” session at Robotics Trends' Robotics Summit Virtual Conference and Exposition on June 16, 2010. Like Player itself, the Summit is free.

If you asked for a single metric that demonstrated the relatively immature state of robotics development, you could do no worse than the use of middleware. Middleware is software that provides abstracted translation, integration, interoperability, and brokering services between applications, operating systems, and database management systems in distributed computing environments. Middleware solutions for robotics development primarily support hardware integration and device control.

Middleware is widely employed, and with a great deal of success, for the development and execution of information technology (IT) systems. In fact, within IT middleware is standard technology in much the same way as are databases. No so within the robotics…

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