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Summer Travel Guide to Robot Hot Spots: July
Robot surfer
Antidote for summer doldrums: great hook-ups, classy locales and exotic climates.
By RBR Staff


Destination: London, England

July 1-2, 2012

5th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics

The 5th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics held on 1st and 2nd of July at the Royal Geographical Society, South Kensington London.

Topics to be addressed by the symposium:

  • Clinical highlights in Urology, Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, Orthopedic, and Pediatric Surgery
  • Flexible Robotics
  • Smart Instruments
  • Emerging, multi-specialty applications of robotic technology
  • Mechatronic designs for medical robotics
  • Microbot design and applications
  • Surgical simulation, training and skills assessment
  • Human robot interaction and ergonomics
  • Surgical navigation and augmented reality systems
  • Intra-operative imaging and bio-photonics for robotic surgery
  • Medical image computing and computer assisted intervention
  • Economic and general consideration of robotic surgery

Destination: Rochester, New York

July 6-8, 2012

R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Capek
MUC Cultural Center, 142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester.
Showtimes are 8:00pm.

R.U.R. is a 1920 science fiction play in the Czech language by Karel Čapek. R.U.R. stands for Rossum’s Universal Robots, an English phrase used as the subtitle in the Czech original.R.U.R. premiered in 1921 and introduced the word “robot” to the English language and to science fiction as a whole.

The play begins in a factory that makes artificial people, made of synthetic organic matter, called “robots”. Unlike the modern usage of the term, these creatures are closer to the modern idea of androids or even clones, as they can be mistaken for humans and can think for themselves. They seem happy to work for humans, although that changes and a hostile robot rebellion leads to the extinction of the human race. R.U.R is dark but not without hope, and was successful in its day in both Europe and the United States.

The robot leader declares:
“We will give birth by machine. We will build a thousand steam-powered mothers. From them will pour forth a river of life. Nothing but life! Nothing but Robots!”

Good beach reading on your Kindle: R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots

Destination: Tianjin, China

July 9-11, 2012

2nd ASME/IEEE International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2012)

The 2nd ASME/IEEE International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2012) held in Tianjin, China

Adaptability and reconfigurability in mechanism design and robots development are the challenges that the kinematicians and roboticians must meet in this new century due to the increasing production demand of small batch, short run, and quick changeover and due to worsening environments and climate, and space exploration.

This can be traced back to 1990s when researchers were generating new ideas and concepts for new machines and reconfigurable robots. This resulted in kinemetatropic linkages, metamorphic mechanisms, and machines with various topology, etc.

The new mechanisms have a property of generating different topological configurations for reconfigurability and for various task requirements.

  • Reconfigurable Mechanisms
  • Bio-reconfiguration Engineering
  • Reconfigurable Robots
  • Metamorphic Mechanisms
  • Reconfigurable Manufacturing
  • Biological Self-Assembly Mechanisms
  • Kinematics & Dynamics of Reconfiguration
  • Metamorphic Robotics
  • Variable Topology Modelling
  • Modular Devices
  • Bio-metamorphic Robotics

Destination: Sydney, Australia

July 9-13, 2012

2012 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference
University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The 2012 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference will bring together researchers working on algorithmic or mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotic systems. High quality, original papers are solicited in all areas of robotics.

The final program will be the result of a highly selective review process designed to include the best work of its kind in every category. The conference will be single track to allow attendees an opportunity to experience the best research in all areas of robotics. The program will include invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed papers.

See program:  Robotics: Science and Systems

Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 12-14, 2012

Technology Park, Malaysia Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Recent and Emerging Developments in Robotics & Automation Technology for Asia; the exhibition will provide a comprehensive landscape of progress in robotics science.

The exhibition will provide a comprehensive landscape of progress in robotics science. With the rapid advancement of robotic development, Robotics Asia promises to be an awe-inspiring landmark occasion. Get a glimpse of the future, heralding the next epoch in civilization where robotics will facilitate every major aspect in human life, underlined by the theme “Robotics at Home, Work and Play”.

RoboticAsia2012 is organized by the Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (mySET) through one of its interest group, the Malaysia Robotics and Automation Interest Group (myRAig). RoboticAsia2012 will provide a comprehensive landscape of the progress and development in robotic science and its related fields such as mechatronics, control and automation. RoboticAsia2012 features an ensemble of speakers from Japan, Canada, China, Iran and also respected local speakers who are regarded as the leaders of the field in Malaysia.


Prof Kazuhiro Kosuge, Tohoku
University, JAPAN
“Recent and Emerging Developments of Robotics &
Automation Technology for Asia”

Chee Yin Mun, CEO of KUKA Robotic, CHINA
“Advancement of Industrial Robotics Applications by KUKA”

Dr. Liu Zhongjie, Daihen Corporation,JAPAN
“Development and Application of Waveform Robotics Movement in Coordinated Welding System”

Dr. Hanafiah Yussof, Director,HuRoBs, MALAYSIA
“Human-Robot Interaction (HRI ) in Robot-Based Intervention of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”

Dr. Derek Wright, Senior Engineer, MAPLESOFT INC. , CANADA
“High Speed Robot Design Using Maplesoft Technology”

Dr. Richard Fan, United Winners Co. Ltd, CHINA
“Latest Advancement in Laser and Robotics Application”

Ehsan Mihankhah, Project Leader of Resquake Robotic, IRAN “Developing a World Class Robotic Platform for RoboCup Competition Internationally”

Destination: New York, New York

July 14, 2012

Robot Film Festival

The annual celebration of robots on film will open with Sundance winner: “Robot & Frank,” a story of a retired jewelry thief and his companion robot (Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon)

“The most robotic of all film festivals is back! Taking place Saturday July 14, 2012 at the 3LD Art & Technology Center, this year’s Robot Film Festival will be faster, stronger, and more efficient than ever!

It will begin with mimosas & coffee at a morning matinee screening of Sundance Winner ROBOT & FRANK, followed by live performers, a showcase of juried short films, and the world’s only Botskers Award Ceremony!

The 2nd annual Botsker Awards will celebrate winning filmmakers in style, with performances by comedian Reggie Watts, roboticist Heather Knight and a special human-robot dance by Josh Ventura (flesh) and Data the Robot (metal). Botsker categories include: Best Robot Actor, Best Human as Robot Actor, Best Human-Robot Interaction, and Most Uncanny Interaction.


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