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Abishur Prakash is a geopolitical futurist focused on how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, gene editing, virtual reality, and more, will transform geopolitics. He works at Center for Innovating the Future, a strategy innovation lab based in Toronto. Prakash is the author of Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology) Vols. 1 and 2, and of the forthcoming book, Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence). He speaks regularly at public and private events on the geopolitics of technology and its implications for countries and companies.

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European Drones Monitor Migrants as Policies Firm Up

European Drones Monitor Migrants as Policies Firm Up

Unmanned and autonomous systems have played a key role in monitoring recent migration into Europe. Thanks to emerging regulations, European drones could soon perform a wider range of functions than ensuring security.