Eric Bitar is senior director of business development and a project manager for the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA). He has been with the PRA for more than 16 years, including 10 years as a full-time project manager working with companies, consultants, and brokers considering the 10-county Pittsburgh region for their respective attraction or expansion deals. Some of his more notable projects involved GE, SmithMicro, Hormann Flexon, and Gordon Food Service. Bitar has a B.A. degree in Business Management from Saint Vincent College and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma's Economic Development Institute.

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Why Pittsburgh Is Ideal for Robotics Businesses

Why Pittsburgh Is Ideal for Robotics Businesses

Why is Pittsburgh one of the biggest robotics hubs in the U.S.? It's thanks to a combination of strong educational institutions such as CMU, manufacturing expertise, and industry partnerships, writes one RoboBusiness 2017 speaker.