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Linda Rosencrance is a freelance writer and editor. She has written about information technology for more than a dozen years, covering topics such as data loss prevention, network management, mobile application development, big data, analytics, and enterprise resource planning. Her articles have appeared in publications including Computerworld, CIO magazine, ITWorld, SearchFinancialNews, and others. She has more than 20 years of experience as an investigative reporter, writing for many newspapers in metropolitan Boston. She is also the author of five true-crime books.

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Will New European Privacy Rule Hinder AI Development?

Will New European Privacy Rule Hinder AI Development?

Analysts have expressed concerns that the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation will raise costs, limit access to data, and hinder AI development. The European privacy provisions could also lower barriers within the continent.

Going Where No Robot Has Ever Gone

Harvard University Professor George Whitesides and his team have fashioned a new type of flexible, soft-bodied robot that could one day assist in dangerous search and rescue missions or serve as a surgeon?s assistant.