Examples of the farm of the future include autonomous tractors, robotic milking and fruit picking, and drones for precision agriculture. These agricultural robots have arisen in response to workforce challenges, the need to feed billions of people, and forward-thinking commercial development.

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Call for Papers 2018 Issued by RoboBusiness Europe

Submit your paper for our 2018 conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As part of the second International Robotics Week, the RoboBusiness Europe conference and exhibition has issued a call for papers 2018.

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Robotic Milkers on Ohio Farm

Robotic Milkers on Ohio Farm

This robotic milking system represents a major investment for this family, but they believe it will pay off in labor saved and family comfort.

Robotics And Rollercoasters Meet At AUTOMATICA

Robocoaster is one of five companies nominated for the IERA Award at AUTOMATICA 2012. Robocoaster designed the first industrial robot applied to passenger carrying technology in the theme park industry.