Artificial intelligence encompasses a range of technologies, including perception, machine learning, and deep learning. Learn how investors, developers, and end users view AI applications, particularly in connection with industrial automation and unmanned vehicles.

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Robot Microscopes, AI Bias Among IBM's 5 'Life in 2023' Predictions Robot Microscopes, AI Bias Among IBM’s 5 ‘Life in 2023’ Predictions

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ANT localization?Even more simple

ANT localization?Even more simple

Since its release on industrial vehicles in 2009, ANT is continuously expanding the market which had hitherto been less automated. Contrary to conventional guidance systems, such as wire-guidance or laser guidance, ANT® requires no additional infrastructure. The system is based...

A Tuned-In Robotic Tutor

Robots, in part because they have infinite patience, can make excellent teachers. And Sidney D?Mello, a University of Notre Dame assistant professor in psychology along with his colleagues, have devised a learning program called Affective AutoTutor that could one day...

Experimental Communities for Robots

Mock communities in Michigan and New Mexico will allow companies and researchers to safely perfect service robots within a realistic environment.

Developers Square off on HTML5 and Robotics

A few years ago Dr. Trevor Jay and Chad Jenkins, two roboticists at Brown University in Providence, R.I., were trying to figure out how to create the best front end?the best user experience?for people who wanted to use robots. Humans...

Robots and Human Attachment

Robots and Human Attachment

Hanson Robokind has been on a mission to make a robot that is as human-like as possible, including the use of a patented type of skin known as ?frubber,? so that the robot?s face duplicates skin and muscle movement and...

Toward a World Wide Web for Robots

Toward a World Wide Web for Robots

As one of its first demonstrators, RoboEarth has shown that robots with different hardware can share maps. Another demonstrator allowed a complex service robot to download hardware-independent object models from the RoboEarth database and use them for perception and manipulation....

Qbo May Be Short, but Its Head Is in the Cloud

Qbo May Be Short, but Its Head Is in the Cloud

For robot entrepreneur Francisco Paz, a Campus Party held last July was all about pineapples, penguins, and the cloud. At the week-long technology fest in Valencia, Spain, Paz mounted the stage with his company’s flagship creation, the Qbo robot. Before...