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Food Robots on the Menu of CMU-Sony Collaboration Food Robots on the Menu of CMU-Sony Collaboration

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Qihan Robot Provides Legal Services at Chinese Courthouse

Chinese courts are among the users for the latest Qihan robot, which is powered by IBM Watson. AI and robotics as a service are part of Qihan's Sanbot King Kong and Xiaofa offerings, which will also be on display at CES 2018.

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Driving Untethered

According to Kurt Ernst, writing on the motor vehicle Web site MotorAuthority, ?[a] bill proposed by California Senator Alex Padilla would set guidelines for the testing and operation of self-driving vehicles within the state.? Last June, you?ll recall, Nevada became...

Robo Vendoland

Besides selling a growing list of non-traditional products, new robotic vending machines gather data on buyers and even walk around to entertain.

Experimental Communities for Robots

Mock communities in Michigan and New Mexico will allow companies and researchers to safely perfect service robots within a realistic environment.

Robots Among Us

Our survey finds which types of robots are currently most popular with consumers, as robotics expands into housekeeping, healthcare, and education.

Google Acquires CleverSense

Google has acquired mobile app maker CleverSense. a learning AI with a natural language processing front-end - and the developer of the popular Alfred personal assistant app for an undisclosed amount. Fear that Apple?s Siri ?could provide a new paradigm...

Robots and Human Attachment

Robots and Human Attachment

Hanson Robokind has been on a mission to make a robot that is as human-like as possible, including the use of a patented type of skin known as ?frubber,? so that the robot?s face duplicates skin and muscle movement and...